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Here, you will find recorded sessions from every webinar we’ve hosted since the beginning of 2020. These webinars include product training and recent product launches, industry focus sessions and general topics, such as DALI lighting and Wellbeing.

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Revisit the official launch of Helvar Senses, our revolutionary environmental sensing solution that allows you to holistically monitor and improve indoor conditions over the lifetime of the building.

Tero Päärni and Tuomo Mörsky reveal the first DALI-2 LED driver of Helvar’s second century and walk you through the functions of this new HE-DA product family.

Our WELL AP and Future Lighting Illuminator, Henri Juslén, and our guest speaker, Kirsi Nuotto (SVP of HR at VTT), discuss what would be ideal to review in the office, taking WELL Building Standard concepts into account. A quick facelift and easy renovation to your office might do wonders before inviting your people back.

We explore the recent changes which impact our offices and consider the role that offices will have on the future of work.

We explore exactly what the New Lighting Norm means, what are the most important changes and what this means for our indoor working spaces.

We explore the benefits and key features of Helvar Insights, what’s coming, walk you through the UI and showcase customer testimonials.

Join Matti and Jason in the official launch of the smallest sensor in the market, ActiveAhead Node Sense!

Light Middle East; ‘Smart Buildings, Smart Experience: From Concept to Reality’ features Helvar’s very own Chief Evangelist Alan Jackson

We explore the benefits and key features of our DALI-2 solution, show products with practical demonstrations and showcase the first DALI-2 customer case study.

Join Helvar expert Henri Juslén and our guest speaker Eleftherios Zacharakis (IWBI) as they discuss the WELL LIGHT concept according to the newly confirmed WELL v2 & Health-Safety Rating

Find out how Helvar can help you achieve dramatic energy savings, support workplace safety, and aim to increase productivity by optimising warehouses around the world- featuring global case studies and proof points.

This webinar covers the challenges that healthcare environments face and the benefits that Helvar solutions bring to healthcare environments. We also look at Helvar project references to understand how our global team have made a difference to customers around the world.

This webinar looks at the challenges that the culture industry faces and the specific benefits that our solutions bring to our customers in the culture vertical. Our guest speaker, Francesca Storaro, discusses what is expected from a lighting designer perspective. We also look at some of our excellent culture reference cases.

A closer look at Helvar ActiveAhead solution’s smart algorithm and how it contributes to building efficiency and user wellbeing.

Thet Oo answers all of your questions (and more) around the new DALI-2 Protocol

Join Helvar experts Paula Ristoja, Henri Juslén and our guest speaker Robin Wycherley (Interior Architect) as they discuss how we completed our project and achieved WELL Certification at Gold level.

How to save time and optimise your costs through our remote Digital Services!

ActiveAhead brings self-learning and AI capabilities that deliver ultimate efficiency in performance, design, setup and operations – the perfect solution for renovation and new-build projects.

Hospitality vertical and exploring how we can improve the wellbeing of both guests and staff, helping to increase guest loyalty and in turn, leading to increased revenue.

Hospitality vertical where we look further into how our solutions can help to minimise operational costs and get closer to achieving your environmental and sustainability goals.

Reviewing the ultimate efficiency in setting up Helvar ActiveAhead. Luminaires fitted with ActiveAhead are extremely easy to install and configure, so downtime is kept to a minimum when addressing changes to a space.

Our Helvar HQ in Espoo, Finland has been awarded The WELL Certification at Gold level by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). During this webinar, our experts Paula Ristoja and Henri Juslén share their findings and tips on how to become WELL certified with a focus on lighting.

Tero Paarni covers our new Freedom wireless LED lighting concept

Matti Vesterinen presents the ActiveAhead wireless lighting solution, and looks at the benefits of AI and self learning

This webinar will cover an overview of the value, benefits and features Helvar brings to the Education vertical.

Alan Jackson explores the importance of considering Wellbeing of the users when designing future-proof spaces.

Alan Jackson discusses the importance of data and insight in our ever-evolving smart buildings

Helvar 100 – Watch Back

 The Helvar Journey

Adel Hattab (Helvar CEO) and Philip Aminoff (Deputy Chairman of Helvar, Member of Owner Family) discuss Helvar’s century of innovation and reinvention, and look at the next 100 years of Helvar…

 Buildings of the Future

Alan Jackson (Helvar Chief Evangelist) explores the future of smart buildings, and how building design will evolve in the years to come, to become a truly people-centric process.

 Winning with Artificial Intelligence

Dr Ayesha Khanna (CEO ADDO AI) shares her insights around the future of smart cities, and how artificial intelligence will play a huge part in the development of shared spaces around the world, and how businesses will need to adapt.

 The Future of Work and Anti-Fragility

Performance Scientist, James Hewitt, defines the meaning of anti-fragility, and explains how we can adapt to cope with change, and turn challenges into opportunity, whilst exploring the impact of stress on our sleep!


Freedom Webinars

We’re pleased to host a series of webinars focusing on the Helvar Freedom Luminaire Concept, where our partners can take you deeper into their solutions and technologies!

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