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Following fantastic feedback and popularity of Virtual L+B week, where our team of experts hosted a number of engaging webinars, we’re pleased to announce that we will be rolling out a series of new webinars!

Also, we are happy to confirm that the previously presented Virtual L+B webinars are now available for registered viewers!

Upcoming Webinars

Our Webinar Library

Following the success of Virtual Light+Building, we have archived the recordings, and we’re going to continue adding to this library throughout the year.
Make sure to check back regularly for new insightful content, and if you have any questions, we’re here to help.

Alan Jackson explores the importance of considering Wellbeing of the users when designing future-proof spaces.

Alan Jackson discusses the importance of data and insight in our ever-evolving smart buildings

Matti Vesterinen presents the ActiveAhead wireless lighting solution, and looks at the benefits of AI and self learning

Tero Paarni covers our new Freedom wireless LED lighting concept

Thet Oo answers all of your questions (and more) around the new DALI-2 Protocol

This webinar will cover an overview of the value, benefits and features Helvar brings to the Education vertical.

How to save time and optimise your costs through our remote Digital Services!

ActiveAhead brings self-learning and AI capabilities that deliver ultimate efficiency in performance, design, setup and operations – the perfect solution for renovation and new-build projects.

Hospitality vertical and exploring how we can improve the wellbeing of both guests and staff, helping to increase guest loyalty and in turn, leading to increased revenue.


Freedom Webinars

We’re pleased to host a series of webinars focusing on the Helvar Freedom Luminaire Concept, where our partners can take you deeper into their solutions and technologies!

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