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Delivering Effective Lighting Control Solutions for KYN BICKLEY

KYN BICKLEY is a luxury care home in Bromley, London, designed to create a warm and welcoming space for its residents. With 86 superbly comfortable private bedrooms, elegant, shared rooms for dining and reclining, and inviting outdoor terraces overlooking landscaped gardens bordered by woodland, the care home aims to provide a luxurious and serene environment for its occupants.
In order to enhance the overall ambiance and functionality of this exceptional space, the implementation of an intelligent lighting control system was crucial. KYN BICKLEY required effective lighting control solutions to meet their specific requirements, including emergency lighting, dimming capabilities, and clean operation. Helvar’s lighting control solutions successfully complemented the luxurious setting, ensuring that the lighting met the care home’s specific needs while maintaining an elegant and comfortable atmosphere.
“Helvar was specifically chosen for this project due to several factors. Firstly, the contractor had previous experience with Helvar in a project over 10 years ago. When that project experienced faults, Helvar promptly dispatched an engineer, who resolved the issues within a week. This demonstrated Helvar’s commitment to customer satisfaction and our ability to provide efficient after-sales support”, explains Richard Muirhead, Sales Specificiation Manager London, Helvar.
Implementing a Comprehensive Lighting Control System
To meet the requirements of KYN BICKLEY, Helvar’s wired 910 Imagine system was implemented across various areas of the building, ensuring seamless control and operation of the lighting.
The dimming equipment used in the project included prewired enclosures with the 910 Imagine system and the 454 system. These components provided the necessary dimming capabilities required by KYN BICKLEY.
Helvar incorporated various control devices to ensure effective lighting control in the project. These included:
• Ceiling PIR Detectors which enable motion detection and presence sensing and contribute to energy efficiency by automatically controlling lighting based on occupancy.
• The Digidim Mini Input Module which acts as a control interface, allowing users to interact with the lighting control system through external switches or sensors.
• The 135W 7 Button Panel which provides intuitive control over the lighting system, allowing users to adjust lighting levels or activate predefined scenes with ease.
• IP Rated 230V Switching Sensors designed to withstand harsh environments, offer reliable switching control for various lighting applications.
• The flush mount PIR sensor with a switched output ensures seamless integration with the lighting control system.
With the above control solution Helvar has successfully delivered an energy-efficient and wellbeing-enhancing lighting system for KYN BICKLEY, enabling a truly luxurious and personalised lighting experience for its residents.
“We are highly satisfied with the lighting control solutions provided by Helvar at KYN BICKLEY. The adjustable lighting levels and emergency lighting integration have created a nurturing and safe environment for our residents. The dimming capabilities have allowed for personalised lighting experiences, benefiting patients with varying needs. We are grateful to Helvar for their robust solutions and reliable support, and we highly recommend them for enhancing patient care through optimised lighting”, explains, David Roe, Property Director, KYN BICKEY.

Key Facts

Completed: 2022
Contractor: Design and Build 
Lighting designer: Foundry
United Kingdom