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Helvar, a global manufacturer of LED luminaire components, announces that its Freedom wireless luminaire component product family is excited to partner with Wirepas and will support its world-class network technology called Wirepas Mesh.

Helvar’s Freedom is a luminaire concept for wireless lighting control where any Freedom LED driver operates with any Freedom Node radiocommunication unit to create a wireless mesh for lighting control. Freedom Nodes support a variety of partner ecosystems, now including Wirepas Mesh solutions. Wirepas is an international technology company focused on IoT connectivity software development and Wirepas Mesh is a wireless connectivity technology for massive IoT. Wirepas Mesh running in the devices enables a scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient IoT solution. For Freedom users, enabling Wirepas technology opens doors to many Wirepas-based ecosystems, such as Freedom partners Ensto Workspaces, Mount Kelvin and Ingy.

Tero Päärni, Head of Luminaire Components Sales at Helvar:” We are excited to be partners with Wirepas. For the Freedom concept, collaborating and integrating to different systems is the key. Wirepas Mesh offers an excellent scalability, reliability and security, generating continuously new business opportunities and creating contact networks that will benefit everyone beyond industry borders. “

Jani Vehkalahti, Senior Vice President of Sales at Wirepas, says: “We are excited to partner with Helvar, a well-known supplier of quality lighting drivers and components for the professional market, that is also very experienced in smart lighting solutions. Today the demand to move to wireless is growing because it lowers the total cost of ownership for the building owners and delivers more value with its ability to go beyond lighting with wireless sensors, as well as asset and people tracking. With Helvar we are able to serve the smart lighting market with the best possible combination of products and services.”

To learn more about Wirepas technology, please join our Helvar Freedom Partner webinar about Wirepas on March 26th presented by Tero Päärni (Helvar) and Youssef Kamel (Wirepas). Register here:

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