Helvar is proudly introducing several new sensors for high bay applications to its portfolio. Luminaire-based sensors will be available both for DALI-2 and Helvar ActiveAhead™ solutions. These sensors fit to a Zhaga Book 20 based rectangular 60x22mm hole on a luminaire and allow the same luminaire body to be used for both wired DALI-2 as well as wireless ActiveAhead solutions. Luminaire maintenance is also made easier when the sensor can be easily changed without needing to take the luminaire apart.

Moreover, these luminaire-based sensors are IP65 rated from the outside, allowing them to meet the needs of different types of installation environments. Movement detection is supported for to up to 17 meters and the sensors also include a light sensor, which is recommended to be used using a bright-out function. Also, a batten mountable accessory will be made available when the sensor cannot be mounted on to the luminaire frame. This accessory makes it possible to achieve the IP65 rating for the luminaire.

In addition to the high bay versions, Helvar will also introduce products for lower ceiling heights fitting to a smaller 44x17mm slot on a luminaire. These allow for additional flexibility in projects with different ceiling heights while using the same technology, solution, and design.

The following products and accessories are now available:

Helvar is also introducing ceiling mountable high bay sensors with radio for its award-winning intelligent wireless lighting control solution ActiveAhead. These mains-powered products, 5641 Node Multisensor High Bay and 5640 ActiveAhead Node Multisensor, can be used as wireless sensors for the ActiveAhead system. In addition, they also include a DALI output with an integrated DALI power supply allowing you to connect DALI devices to it. The Node Multisensor includes the same kind of smart capabilities as the highly appraised ActiveAhead Node Advanced, meaning the ability to connect and control individual DALI luminaires and selected DALI devices such as sensors and relays.

5641 Node Multisensor High Bay detects movement in up to 14 m installation heights. It also includes a light sensor for bright-out functions. A surface mount backbox is included with the product and a flush mount backbox is available as an accessory. The product is available in white and black colours. At the same time, Helvar is bringing 5640 Node Multisensor products to the market for typical indoor ceiling heights.

With these new high bay products, the benefits and easiness of ActiveAhead can be brought to industrial applications— a popular request from ActiveAhead customers thanks to the solution’s capabilities which are seen to fit very well in such applications.

Follow these short guides for choosing a suitable product for your application area:

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