Energy efficient lighting solutions

Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting

Our systems guarantee innovative lighting solutions with clear and measurable energy-savings. We’re proud to have significantly reduced energy costs for project references around the world. To find out more about how we can help you to reduce your energy, take a look at some of our references below!

A glimpse at some of our global references

SafeExIT, Denmark

This lighting and electrical supplier successfully transformed their office lighting setup with the help of Helvar products to create an energy efficient human-centric space – by choosing our solutions, SafeExIT have saved almost 80% on their energy costs!   (Read more)

Original Annual Energy Usage - 16,517kWh
New Annual Energy Usage with Helvar - 3,909kWh
Energy Savings per year - 12,517kWh

University of Bath, United Kingdom

“The significant savings in energy will help us achieve our wider efficiency targets as well as saving us tens of thousands of pounds over the life of the installation.” – Richard Hughes, Electrical Service Manager, University of Bath.   (Read more)

The Helvar Solutions

Presence Detection, Tunable White, Daylight Harvesting, Scene Selection

Total Energy Usage Reduction - 75%

Looking on ways to improve?

Helvar solutions provide many opportunities to meet the growing energy efficiency needs in the EU area. Below we’ve detailed the requirements and possibilities for different sectors in the EU area (Energy Efficiency – European Commission):

Sector / Target

Examples of Obligations / Possibilities

Ways to Comply / Improve


To use energy more efficiently. Role as a forerunner is expected.


To improve energy management.

  • Energy efficiency plans, building renewal (public)
  • Energy management systems (EMS)
  • Energy efficiency  agreement schemes
  • Energy audits and reviews
  • Energy efficient procurement

In energy audits, it is important to review energy-saving possibilities achieved through lighting control solutions.


To improve energy management.

  • Voluntary agreement schemes /  EMS’s
  • Energy efficient procurement

Using lighting control, clear savings can be made on total energy consumption.


To reduce unnecessary energy usage.

  • National legislation / Guidance
  • Energy efficient procurement

Using lighting control, clear savings can be made on total energy consumption.

Our key solutions to help you save


We are proudly launching Self-learning ActiveAhead Generation 2 HELVAR ACTIVEAHEAD® is a truly intelligent and scalable wireless lighting control solution. Its...

High Efficiency

High efficiency LED drivers Helvar's high-efficiency non-isolated LED drivers are designed to consume less energy and bring cost savings for applications...

  • “The lighting project at the Paderborn head office is a complete success. Energy savings of up to 75% and optimum illumination is a result that has exceeded our expectations.”

    ANDREAS HARTMANN – Hartmann International
  • By using Helvar, we estimate that the library has saved 70-80% of its energy used in lighting.

    Helvar, Finland
  • Optimum illumination and energy savings of up to 75% have exceeded our expectations.

    Hartmann International GmbH
  • There are competitors, of course. But Helvar offers the best service, the most efficient support, and the best equipment.

    Sähköpeko Oy Engineer for Vuores School