Lighting retrofit and renovation

The office revolution is here, and the perfect time for a lighting retrofit is now. A commercial lighting upgrade can be stress-free and fast with clear impacts on user wellbeing, building efficiency and adaptability, saving you money and creating a more sustainable office space – just ask the leading lighting expert: Helvar.​

How can an office lighting retrofit benefit me?
Are you…

Recent findings demonstrate that the hybrid working model is here to stay. Although remote work has its benefits, we simply cannot experience the same degree of collaboration, discussions and events while working from home. To make the most of this new working culture, offices should provide multi-functional and collaborative spaces that enhance productivity and employee experience. Spaces that are safe, well-lit and adaptive to our needs, while supporting our performance, comfort and natural circadian rhythm.

Easier said than done? We don’t think so. An office lighting retrofit is a simple, fast and effective solution which delivers all of the above!

With a commercial lighting retrofit, you can:

  • Create a welcoming, safe and well-lit environment.
  • Have an adaptable and smart office where people can collaborate, socialize and focus. Your office space can adapt to all kinds of personal needs and will support productivity and optimization of spaces.
  • Boost your wellbeing, comfort and safety​. Good lighting closely supports your natural body-clock, i.e. your circadian rhythm, which is very sensitive to light. By constantly adapting the colour temperature and intensity throughout the day, good lighting helps you stay productive when you need it most, and transition to a more comforting and sleep-enhancing light by end of your day. As well as this, good lighting can dramatically improve visual comfort and safety, as well as help you to achieve a hands-free, intelligent office space.
  • Help create a truly people-centric and sustainable office space. For example, the WELL Standard, a certification awarded to comfortable and sustainable work environments, has specific requirements for lighting that a renovation project can easily help achieve. Renovating your lighting is one of the easiest, most noticeable and most impactful ways to transform your office.

Lighting can also:

  • Facilitate adaptive, yet customizable lighting scenes to create perfect working conditions. Intelligent lighting will continuously adapt to behavior and layout shifts, while also responding to the amount of natural light in the space.
  • Show occupancy data through intelligent sensors, helping you to switch around and optimize your space, see available places at any time you need, and to save energy. On top of this, remote monitoring features enable significantly faster maintenance.

At Helvar, we believe that the smart office revolution is now. Click below and see how we can help you create your sustainable, adaptive and people-centric office of the future.

Renovation is currently a hot topic, and the reasons for it are plentiful. We are currently in the process of a renovation wave¹, where governments, businesses and tenants are demanding more sustainable and adaptable spaces. However, renovation doesn’t have to be a massive and costly undertaking. A commercial lighting retrofit can be highly impactful and easily implemented to transform your building and meet these new demands.

Apart from an excellent return on investment compared to other forms of renovation, a commercial lighting retrofit or upgrade will also:

  • Future-proof your building by providing a modern work environment designed to attract and keep tenants. Take advantage of analytics to help you understand how your building is used and how you can operate the facility more efficiently.
  • Provide ultimate flexibility for any changes and updates to the space that a tenant might need, regardless of the layout, through intelligent wireless lighting controls. Offices and other workspaces are faster and easier to re-organize with minimal cost.
  • Increase the value of your building asset through cost-effective maintenance with minimal downtime, and by creating highly adaptable spaces that can be refreshed to suit the needs of any tenants.
  • Create impactful energy savings that help you satisfy all of your stakeholders while meeting your sustainability targets.

In addition, tenants are satisfied through:​

  • Easy-to-use tunable and self-learning lighting, which helps to stay productive when it’s needed most.
  • Good lighting which can dramatically improve visual comfort and safety, as well as help you to achieve hands-free hygiene and an intelligent office space.
  • Wellbeing and productivity-enhancing lighting that makes people feel and perform better. Good lighting is critical in achieving building standards such as WELL Building Standard ².

Buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy consumption ³, and it appears that the call for sustainable and energy-efficient buildings will only be more significant in the future. But how much can you actually save with a commercial lighting retrofit? How urgent is the need to renovate and how does an intelligent lighting retrofit impact your tenants?

In recent times, looking after the wellbeing of your colleagues and peers has become particularly challenging. Work from home and the new hybrid working model has fundamentally changed the role that office spaces will play in the future. Working spaces must now be both engaging and adaptable, both comfortable and energizing, and more so than ever focused around the most important asset of the company – the people.

Thankfully, a commercial lighting retrofit is one of the easiest and fastest solutions for achieving a truly human-centric and sustainable office space. A modern lighting system enables:

  • Highly adaptable workspaces that are easy to re-arrange, allowing you to create optimal conditions in any context. Lighting in workspaces can be simple to reorganize with minimal cost.
  • An energetic workspace where occupants can be more focused and productive with the help of good lighting. Human-Centric lighting is critical for achieving optimal working conditions, providing energy showers to occupants in spaces such as socializing areas, while enabling creativity and focus in others.
  • Wellbeing, through intelligent lighting that automatically adapts to daylight and helps achieve better eye comfort and overall experience in the building, all while enhancing sleep and supporting natural circadian rhythms (i.e the body-clock).
  • Less sick leave days, and subsequent cost and productivity impacts that have been observed through proper circadian lighting over several studies conducted by Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY ¹ and supporting proof points from a comparison between Finnish Technology Industry statistics and Helvar’s WELL certified office.
  • Energy savings that make your office a more sustainable space and help you achieve building standards such as the WELL Certification ², allowing you to better prepare for carbon neutral transitions.
  • Minimal downtime and disturbance, achieved through fast updates to wireless lighting and an easy maintenance process designed to save everyone time and headaches.
  • An excellent ROI compared to any other form of renovation, offering tangible energy efficiency and wellbeing benefits.

The time to retrofit your office lighting has never been more suitable. With the workforce returning to physical spaces and a new focus on comfort, wellbeing and adaptability, a lighting retrofit offers a quick and easy solution to meet these new expectations.

The use of outdated lighting control systems and legacy luminaires often bring errors and a degree of unnecessary complexity, requiring constant maintenance and significant time investments. Retrofitting the lighting system not only removes these risks, but also provides you with an intelligent, thus highly efficient, reliable and adaptable solution that is both easy-to-use and time-saving.

Retrofitting the building’s commercial lighting controls brings about a multitude of benefits for facility management operations, for tenants and for owners of the property. The benefits of lighting retrofits and modern lighting solutions include:

  • A future-proof system that can change and adapt to the needs of your building, allowing for integration with BMS and HVAC systems to provide you with ultimate control. Easily upgradeable, easily scalable.
  • Minimal downtime, achieved through intelligent self-learning lighting controls or remote monitoring and accurate alerts that help resolve problems as quickly and efficiently as possible..
  • High return on investment in the form of substantial cost, energy and time savings, along with wellbeing benefits that will positively impact the users of the building while minimizing the time you spend on lighting maintenance and operations.

Renovating your system with Helvar also means access to a brand-new suite of digital services which take building efficiency and control to the next level:


Cloud-based digital services and insights that improve the wellbeing of users, the efficiency of your building and help achieve sustainability targets.

24/7 Multi-site monitoring                  Real-time alerts for any incidents

Animated occupancy heat maps       Fast, easy resolution with auto-recommendations

Easy integration to other systems      Explore the full features of Helvar Insights.

Now that the benefits of an intelligent lighting retrofit are clear and you’re ready to save time, boost efficiency and take control, it makes sense to wonder… Why choose Helvar as a partner?

Renovation project on the horizon? Regardless of whether you’re selecting, cost-engineering, specifying, configuring, installing, upgrading or retrofitting a lighting system, our solutions are designed to save you time and money while supporting any kind of space.

Helvar will help you:

  • Meet any specification through our range of innovative, scalable and adaptable wired and wireless systems, helping you achieve standards such as WELL Building ¹.
  • Win more business by reducing the time you spend on commissioning and updating lighting systems, enabled by intuitive interfaces and fast, easy installation processes.
  • Improve end user wellbeing through intelligent wireless lighting controls that adapt to daylight; the perfect solution for offices and small projects.
  • Achieve energy savings in any space with a range of highly efficient LED luminaire components and lighting systems, ideal for reaching sustainability targets.
  • With dedicated support from our experts, who are always happy to be in touch, to provide training and to guide you through any stage of the renovation project. We provide solutions and design support to all kinds of spaces.
Your success is our success, and we are eager to support you with any kind of lighting retrofit project — Click below and see how we can help!

Buildings are on course to become more smart and sustainable ¹ over time; the result of increasing pressure to comply with regulatory requirements and new kinds of stakeholder expectations. With many businesses now undergoing this transition, it’s important to consider more efficient, adaptable and futureproof solutions when designing a space. Regardless of whether it’s a renovation project or an entirely new building, modern intelligent lighting solutions offer an immense amount of customization, flexibility and efficiency, and are specifically designed to support the needs of users, while simultaneously generating insights and integrating with other building management systems.

By implementing intelligent lighting systems, you can:

  • Create sustainable and smart spaces through lighting that is flexible, functional, futureproof and energy efficient. Up to 85% of lighting energy consumption can be saved through intelligent LED lighting when compared to schedule-based fluorescent lighting. Intelligent lighting creates optimal conditions by continuously adapting to behavior and layout shifts, while also responding to the amount of natural light in the space.
  • Implement circadian lighting that will adapt to the needs of the occupants, allowing you to design productivity-enhancing and energizing spaces, as well as spaces for focusing, relaxation and collaboration.
  • Automate the space with self-learning, easy-to-use solutions that provide the right light at the right time. Intelligent lighting solutions are easy to install, use, and maintain, and allow personal lighting profiles too. Improve user experience through access to data insights, maximising positive impact on wellbeing, and optimising your customer’s ever-evolving building.
  • Design multi-purpose, efficient spaces that are easy to modify and can adapt to any usage changes over time.

Dynamic use of workspaces is the new norm ², and modern lighting controls are an easy way to achieve truly adaptable and intelligent environments that simultaneously help reach sustainability goals. Moreover, modern lighting controls can be installed almost everywhere; offices, industry, healthcare, retail, restaurants, hotels, museums, libraries, schools, car parks and cruise ships — just to name a few!


Up to 85%

Of lighting energy consumption can be saved through the use of intelligent LED lighting, when compared to schedule-based fluorescent lighting.


Of all non-residential building stock in the EU was built before 1999. That’s when we still used dial-up internet, and before phones had Wi-Fi.


Of leaders say they are looking to upgrade or renovate their offices. New, hybrid ways of working demand more engaging, adaptable and sustainable office spaces.


Less sick leave days have been observed in office spaces with good lighting and a WELL accreditation. *)

*) Based on the combined findings and statistics of the Technology Industries of Finland (2005-2016) and Helvar HQ’s WELL Building Standard Certification

6 reasons for an intelligent lighting retrofit with Helvar

Through future-proof wireless and DALI-2 systems that are easy to install, maintain and upgrade.

With state-of-the-art, intelligent, self-learning LED lighting that will only switch on when required.

Staff, students and visitors benefit from Human Centric lighting that supports their natural circadian rhythm.
Helvar’s products and solutions follow and comply with the latest standards and regulations.
Our solutions are designed to make monitoring and maintenance easy. Maximize building efficiency and minimize downtime with Helvar Insights.
Your success is our success. We help you across all stages of your lighting retrofit journey and throughout your building lifecycle, and take pride in our customer support expertise.

Helvar can help you with a range of lighting retrofit projects…

Helvar ActiveAhead® Node Sense and Adapter DA launched
Switching to modern luminaires?
Modern, efficient LED luminaires save money, energy and the environment. Helvar’s LED drivers and luminaire components can help you achieve an efficient and reliable lighting system while also offering a simple commission process, ensuring minimum time on site.
Our ActiveAhead and RoomSet solutions work out-of-the-box with a simple setup, allowing for scalability without the need for central devices. Take a look at our testimonial below and see for yourself.
We combine a long history of manufacturing luminaire components with our global network and industry knowledge to offer you clear, easy savings and dedicated support throughout any lighting retrofit project.
Our LED drivers and components are highly efficient, using the latest technology to provide you with maximum control and flexibility. With a fast and easy setup, our solutions help you minimize time on site and focus on your next project.
Upgrading existing lighting controls?
Modern lighting control systems offer a multitude of benefits for all users of the building and help create an integrated and highly intelligent space.
Helvar’s wireless solutions are super simple to install, and unique self-learning capabilities mean that minimal configuration is required — ideal for any lighting retrofit project. On the other hand, wired solutions offer immense scalability and interoperability while using the latest DALI-2 technology.
Helvar offers a range of innovative lighting control solutions to suit all of your needs, supporting you all the way through the planning and installation process.
Renovating your lighting controls with Helvar means unlocking a new level of scalability, efficiency, integration and control — our solutions help you manage your building with minimal effort and minimal downtime. Small or large-scale, wired or wireless: get in touch with our experts and start saving time and money now.
New lighting control installation?
By choosing intelligent LED lighting over fluorescent lighting, you can save up to 85% of lighting energy consumption. Modern lighting controls are a simple, effective way to achieve immediate savings and clear, positive impacts on user wellbeing​. Helvar is a lighting control expert with extensive knowledge on how to save you money and time while maximizing people’s wellbeing.​​
Wireless lighting controls from Helvar are simple to install, and self-learning capabilities mean that minimal setup is required. Our wireless solution will actively learn and adapt to your building usage, maximizing energy savings and user wellbeing.
Through DALI-2 technology, our wired solutions offer immense scalability opportunities and can integrate with BMS and HVAC systems to help create the ultimate intelligent, interconnected building.
On top of world-class lighting controls, countless reference projects and delivering wellbeing, efficiency and adaptability benefits to spaces across a variety of industries, Helvar keeps customer interests at the forefront, providing expert support and care and being truly With You All the Way.
Our range of modern lighting control solutions can suit any project requirements. Get in touch with a free online or in-office meeting and learn how we help you save.

See our other solutions!


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Interested in a free demonstration meeting or consultation call?

See how Helvar transforms spaces through intelligent lighting retrofits…

The Dock

In the heart of West London, a refurbishment of this 20th century building has transformed the 6000 m2 workspace into a sustainable, fresh and contemporary office environment. Helvar’s low energy lighting controls provide complete flexibility and scalability to the space, which now has one of the greenest credentials of any workspace in London.
Case study:
Finland’s largest construction company, YIT, chose Helvar’s ActiveAhead self-learning lighting system for its headquarter renovation. Apart from bringing clear energy savings and easy-to-use controls, ActiveAhead transformed the office into an adaptable and intelligent space with significant impacts on employee happiness.

The ECHA is situated in Helsinki in a building that was completed in 1937, with various offices,  conference areas and underground facilities all under one roof. Installing Helvar’s flexible and interconnected lighting solution resulted in a space that now maximises the use of natural light, is highly energy efficient, and improves the building experience for everyone.


Learn more about lighting retrofits

Infographic 1: Three reasons to renovate now

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Blog: Creating a welcoming environment in the office of the Future
Infographic 1: Three reasons to renovate now
Infographic 2: Maximise your efficiency
Infographic 3: Growth opportunites
Infographic 4: Six reasons for an intelligent lighting upgrade
Infographic 2: Maximise your efficiency
Infographic 3: Growth opportunites
Infographic 4: Six reasons for an intelligent lighting upgrade

Transform your space today

Transform your space today

Arrange a free online or in-office meeting to discuss how we can support your project!
…or learn from others! We don’t just talk the talk. See how we have improved thousands of spaces through commercial lighting retrofits.

  • "As we wanted all building systems to have state-of-the-art technology available, we selected Helvar’s wireless, self-learning and future-proof lighting control solution ActiveAhead."
  • "One of the smart building features of the Helvar system is that it enables us to collect occupancy data for all spaces. This helps us understand how our building is used and it’s in line with our smart building ambition."
    KARI MELANDER – Development Director, Ramboll
  • "Our staff have been really happy with this steady level of lighting and when they’ve been told that the lighting system is actual adjusting itself based on daylight, it has pleased them further."
  • "As we changed the layout of our office from a small-room office layout into an activity based open plan office, we wanted the lighting level to be the same in all areas when people move from one place to another. At the same time, we also wanted to be able to control the lighting system based on personal needs."
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