Tampere University, Finland


Tampere University installs Helvar鈥檚 950 Router, the newest and most advanced DALI-2 Application Controller

Helvar_CaseStudy_Finland_Education_TAMK_2_Niki Soukkio


Founded in 1996, Tampere University of Applied Sciences is the second largest University of Applied Sciences in Finland with over 10,000 students divided among over 40 degree programmes. It recently went through a lighting renovation with the lighting system updated to meet the different activities in the university.

Helvar has been providing DALI control solutions to the university for several years. In November 2020, the building upgraded to the 950 DALI-2 solution.

鈥淭his is a very important project for Helvar as it鈥檚 our first commercial project with our newest and most advanced 950 DALI Router. The Imagine 950 Router is a DALI-2 multi-master application controller which means you can connect both DALI-2 lighting and DALI-2 controls in the same DALI bus鈥- Miikka Etel盲lahti, Head of Technical Operations, Helvar.

Helvar_CaseStudy_Finland_Education_TAMK_3_Niki Soukkio鈥淭he 950 Router was chosen because we have worked with Helvar for years, so it was a natural update for the existing lighting systems that we have here in the university. It provides us with all the benefits of a modern lighting control system now and in the future鈥,聽says聽Heikki Sepp盲l盲, Maintenance Engineer, Tampere University TAMK.

Three university building levels are equipped with Imagine 950 Routers, 320D2 DALI-2 Occupancy Sensors, 321 Multi Sensors, 135 Button Panels, 478 DALI Broadcast Controllers and 492 Relays. 鈥淲e provide education for lighting and lighting control systems so for us and our students, it鈥檚 important that we have access to the latest lighting control technology鈥 – Kari Kallioharju, Senior Lecturer, Building Services Engineering, Tampere University TAMK.

鈥淲e are thrilled that we can introduce DALI-2 to the university as trused experts of the new standard and guide them on how to get the most of their system with the Imagine 950 solution鈥- Thet Oo, Directorof Wired Solutions, Helvar.

Helvar_CaseStudy_Finland_Education_TAMK_4_Niki SoukkioWith this solution, Tampere University is receiving the most modern DALI-2 lighting control solution, which is certified to the latest standards. The 950 Router provides Tampere University with an extremely flexible system that delivers energy management, comfort and end-user control. The solution is very easily scalable, allowing the university control from a single floor, to connecting multiple buildings across the University campus, or even full control over the entire Applied Science building.

鈥淎nother aspect of good lighting and lighting control is to support the health and wellbeing of our staff and students. This latest project with the 950 Router complements our existing system. It also responds to the changing requirements of the future. We will continue the cooperation with Helvar in the future because it鈥檚 always a pleasure to work with the front runners鈥 – Kari Kallioharju.


Photography:Niki Soukkio