Helvar SELV60 rated LED drivers


SELV60 – LED lighting made safe

SELV < 60 rated LED luminaires require safe and reliable components. Our new SE Series SELV60 drivers are specially designed that in mind, offering a wide variety of choices for any SELV60 rated light fitting. The SE Series drivers聽come in compact plastic and linear metal case, power options ranging up to 51 W with wide operational windows.聽The SE series also offers the LOOP:聽a combination of a SELV60 LED driver with terminals, integrated strain reliefs and, in DALI-2 drivers, additional control terminals for fast and accurate wiring.聽 We have carefully designed the SE Series to ensure聽reliable operation, superior quality light and best performance of your LED modules.

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Why SELV < 60 V protection?

Design safe with SELV

SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) rating ensures that the output voltage remains below the defined voltage value at any time, allowing for a more open and flexible luminaire design. SELV protection helps you design safe luminaires.

Helvar鈥檚 SELV < 60 V drivers are designed to work within luminaires where the modules cannot be protected and isolated, but are open for touching. The touchable part of the luminaires can be left unprotected as long as the driver output and the voltage over the modules will not exceed聽60 V.


What is LOOP?

Safe savings with LOOP

LOOP is a combination of a SE Series SELV60 LED driver with terminals, integrated strain reliefs and, in DALI drivers, additional control terminals for fast and accurate wiring. These new mechanics are optimised for independent usage applications where safe and stable installation is needed.

Instead of using junction boxes and great amount of wire and screws, our LOOP drivers enable looping of mains and DALI wires with doubled input terminals throughout the driver, saving time and effort on a site鈥檚 actual wiring work. Bigger looping connectors allow quick cable connections, and also support a variety of wire thicknesses. Wires are secured to the driver with click-on cable clamps, and the strain relief cover clicks on effortlessly, securing connections without any need for screws. Installation on site is faster since not a single screw or tool is required鈥搘ires are secure in their robust, sturdy housing.

Drivers with LOOP mechanics are ideal for independent use with Class I, II and III SELV60 rated luminaires.聽We also offer accessory strain reliefs with LOOP mechanics, giving even more variety for our offering.

Key benefits

鉁 Excellent for independent usage
鉁 Safe and sturdy installation
鉁 Integrated strain-reliefs
鉁 Click-on cable clamps
鉁 Click-on covers
鉁 Quick installation on site
鉁 No screws
鉁 No junction boxes


NFC Wireless Configuration

Touch n’ go driver programming with NFC

SE Series drivers are our first products supporting聽wireless configuration via near-field communication, NFC.聽Don鈥檛 want wireless? Configuration via DALI works as easy as before too. The new version of Helvar Driver Configurator software gives you all access to your driver set up. And promotes fast, automatic upload wirelessly for production line use. Easy, smart and efficient. Simply touch and go!