Tergooi Hospital

Hilversum, The Netherlands

Transforming Healthcare Illumination: Tergooi Hospital’s Innovative Lighting Management System

The new Tergooi Hospital is situated amidst the lush woodlands of Monnikenberg, bringing together all acute, intensive, and clinical care services from the Blaricum and Hilversum locations into this modern facility.

The new hospital is a model of sustainability, forward-thinking design, and efficient use of space. In achieving these objectives, the lighting management system plays a pivotal role, a system our partner, Lighting Controls B.V.聽implemented on behalf of Installatiecombinatie Tergooi (comprising BAM Bouw en Techniek and ULC Installatietechniek).
One compelling reason for us securing this contract is Lighting Controls B.V.’s ability to handle the entire commissioning process with a team of 15 skilled software engineers. This capability ensured that the system was fully operational within the stipulated timeframe.
What distinguishes this project is its considerable scale and the diverse functionalities integrated into it. The hospital was constructed in four phases, mirroring the division of the system into four distinct software sections. This design minimizes network communication between these segments, significantly enhancing the efficiency and optimal performance of the system.
Notably, the light management system interfaces with several other critical systems. It connects seamlessly with the nurse call system, empowering patients to control the lighting through bedside handheld devices. Moreover, signals from the motion sensors are seamlessly relayed to the climate control system, ensuring a comprehensive and integrated healthcare environment.

Key facts

Project completed: 2020
Project location: Hilversum, The Netherlands
Integration: Johnson Controls
Hilversum, The Netherlands