Piispantorni (Big Blue)


Artistic – even magical – atmospheres created in a multipurpose office environment with Helvar lighting control solutions

In Piispantorni, Hartwall’s former brewery building, on the border of Turku and Kaarina, 2,700 m虏 of new office space for companies with 1-80 people is being renovated. The ocean-themed Big Blue complex was designed by visual artist Mauri Kosonen and architect Heimo Paukkunen. In the dark, the works and the entire building create the effect of an undulating, 鈥渦nder water鈥 experience. In Piispantorni, you work 芦under water禄, in spectacular, inspiring and comfortable spaces.


Several companies have been instrumental in delivering this project. The lighting was designed by Turku Energia’s design manager, Antti Viertamo, and visual artist Kosonen. The Facade and interior lighting was carried out by Turku Energia Verkostotekniikka and Turku Laatus盲hk枚 Oy. The entire interior lighting of the building is controlled via Helvar鈥檚 Imagine router system, with Loisto Pro Oy responsible for programming the system. The main contractor for the renovation is Ter盲selementti Oy.
The lighting control needed to support the beautiful interior, the design and the architecture of the space. 芦Lighting is integral in this project for creating that unforgettable experience. Our Imagine system was an excellent choice for this project, offering flexibility, energy management, comfort and end-user control禄, explains Ilkka M盲kel盲, Global Service Sales Director, Helvar.
Big Blue is able to successfully reduce the amount of energy used through the installation of Imagine, benefiting from presence and absence detection as well as intelligent insight reports which highlight where energy could be best saved.
芦When you enter the office space on the first floor, the light twinkling through the glass ceiling is the first thing that comes on when all the spotlights accentuating the wall panels are dimmed, and the lighting in the central corridor is only at 2 per cent power. Upon entering the space, this creates a memorable experience before the next sensor raises the lighting to normal levels. This was our first project implemented with Helvar routers, and I got a lot of help from Helvar in designing the system. I can definitely recommend this system to others禄, explains Antti Viertamo, Design Manager, Turku Energia.


Exterior photo: Mauri Kosonen
3D Observation Image: Studio Saari/ Sami Saari, Mauri Kosonen
Interior photo: Valentina Morales Buschmann and KOY Piispantorni