Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners Studio

London, United Kingdom

Maximising employee wellbeing in a multi-functional office space


Helvar has supplied a sophisticated, human-centric lighting control system to The Leadenhall Building studio of famed international architect Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP) to help enhance the office environment, improve comfort and boost performance. The Helvar solution is designed to change colour temperature and intensity throughout the day to reflect the natural circadian rhythm.
In the main and central space of the studio, RSHP and world-renowned lighting designer Speirs + Major, who have collaborated on a number of projects together, opted for an innovative lighting system that incorporated colour-tunable LEDs, so that the studio could benefit from lighting that more closely reflects the natural circadian cycle of colour temperature and intensity.
Iain Ruxton, Associate at Speirs + Major, said that 鈥渂oth RSHP and Speirs + Major were keen to explore the use of colour-temperature Tunable White light in the studio, with the aim of adding a level of physical and psychological comfort to a space where the team often work long hours. The facility to mimic (or to deliberately differ from) the natural circadian cycle of colour temperature is a hot topic in lighting, so the chance to try it out in a fast turnaround project, with innovative architects as clients was a great opportunity.鈥
This required an advanced lighting control system that could adjust the colour temperature smoothly throughout the day, based on a pre-determined profile that corresponded approximately to the behaviour of sunlight, moderated by the atmosphere. Helvar supplied eight of its innovative Imagine 920 routers that support its Intelligent Colour technology, the system that, based on the DALI Type 8 Colour Control, was responsible for the LED lights. This enabled the team to develop the exact lighting programme that RSHP wanted, and provide the most comfortable environment, based partly on staff feedback.
Iain Ruxton commented that 鈥渢he initial programming of the control system delivers an approximation of the natural circadian cycle, changing slowly from warm in the early morning to cool through most of the day, to facilitate concentration, and warming up again in the late afternoon, providing visual comfort as natural light fades and the office moves into an evening working mode. The intention is to monitor how the team finds the lighting, and to adjust the behaviour of the system and experiment with different cycles if necessary.鈥
On the entrance door Helvar supplied a DIGIDIM 924 Touch panel, which enables staff to operate the lighting, turning it on and off, and pause the lighting system鈥檚 progression through the natural stages of sunlight. The DIGIDIM 924 touch panel is ideal for the high end office environment, as it has a range of finishes to blend in with the interior design aesthetic, and a high quality LCD screen.

In the comms room, print room and modelshop Helvar installed their 137 DALI compatible control keypads to provide simple sceneset capabilities.To help generate energy savings the 311 ceiling PIR was installed in the meetings rooms and print room and 312 multisensors were installed in the main open space.

Helvar鈥檚 advanced lighting control, working in collaboration with RSHP and Speirs + Major, has created an office workspace that is sympathetic to the needs of its employees, and provides an environment that echoes the natural world.
Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Studio has been shortlisted for a LuxAward 2016.
An office renovation is a fast, effective way to boost employee wellbeing and save energy costs.

London, United Kingdom