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is a direct view into the future of lighting.

We’ve gathered renowned experts from around the world to help demystify some of the greatest challenges ahead of the industry.

Kasper Hammer

on Human-Centric Lighting

International Lighting Specialist, Kasper Hammer, explores the meaning of Human-Centric Lighting, and why it is such a vital component of lighting design.

Rafael Gavira Cabrera

on Hotel lighting

Industrial Engineer Lighting Designer, Rafael Gavira Cabrera,聽discusses the role of lighting in creating a memorable space in a hotel setting and why lighting in hotels should be installed with guests at the heart.

Ra霉l Serafim

on Sustainability

Lighting Designer, Ra煤l Serafim, explores the role of lighting in today鈥檚 smart and sustainable buildings and why now, more than ever, it鈥檚 crucial to reduce our energy usage with smart and future-proof solutions.

Innovate. Inspire. Lead the way.

Innovate. Inspire.
Lead the way.