High Efficiency

High efficiency LED drivers

Helvar’s high-efficiency non-isolated LED drivers are designed to consume less energy and bring cost savings for applications where powerful light output is needed.聽These drivers are ideal for聽Class I聽linear luminaires, but can also be used in聽Class II聽luminaires. Whilst these drivers support all most common LED modules, they are a perfect match for our聽LX High Flux LED modules, guaranteeing optimal performance and lifetime to your luminaire.
鉁 聽Efficiency up to 0.96
鉁 聽Very low ripple < 1%
鉁 聽Lifetime up to 100 000 hrs
鉁 聽Max. Uout 250V or 400V

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HE Series – high performance, low consumption

This new high efficient, non-isolated LED driver range results in high energy efficiency, offering various drivers from 35W to 65W with wide operational windows.
The HE Series consists of constant current ON/OFF drivers, and will be later fulfilled with controllable DALI-2 certified drivers. To offer quick and easy wireless set up and programming, these drivers will support various current setting options. The light output is the highest quality with extra low flicker/ripple.聽Last but not least, most of the HE Series products have a 250V limit for maximum output voltage to ensure perfect compatibility with the latest common LED modules on the market.

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