Energy Efficiency

Helvar is the leading expert in energy efficient lighting applications.

Our systems guarantee innovative lighting solutions with clear and measurable energy-savings. Helvar solutions provide many opportunities to meet the growing energy efficiency needs in the EU area.

Requirements and possibilities in the EU area (Energy Efficiency – European Commission):
PUBLIC SECTOR: To use energy more efficiently. Role as a forerunner is expected.

BIG ENTERPRISES: To improve energy management

Energy efficiency plans, building renewal (public)
Energy management systems (EMS)
Energy efficiency  agreement schemes
Energy audits and reviews
Energy efficient procurement
In energy audits it is important to review energy-saving possibilities achieved through  lighting control.
SMALL ENTERPRISES: To improve energy management Voluntary agreement schemes /  EMS’s
Energy efficient  procurement
Using lighting control, clear savings can be made on total energy consumption.
HOUSEHOLDS: To reduce unnecessary energy use National legislation / Guidance Energy efficient  procurement

Helvar offers several solutions for energy saving lighting.


Lighting management solution
DALI Routers are the heart of Imagine – providing the ultimate flexibility in delivering intelligent lighting control solutions for a wide variety of applications.
Being flexible and scalable, Imagine is suitable from single room to large buildings. As a networked lighting management solution, utilising open standards such as DALI, Ethernet and Rest APIs, Imagine can be easily integrated to building management systems and cloud services.
Imagine Solution


Get substantial energy savings from a simple, self-learning system. ActiveAhead based luminaires uses sensors to provide intelligent lighting, collecting data to optimize lighting conditions.
Providing comfort and energy efficiency in one simple solution, which adapts to the changing use of the space.
Between 20% and 80% energy saving for offices, corridors, stairways, parking garages and renovation projects.
ActiveAhead Solution