Glostrup, Denmark

Lighting and electrical supplier, SafeExIT, has transformed its office lighting setup with the help of Helvar products to create an energy efficient human centric lighting solution.

The work has seen the Danish firm upgrade to an intelligent tunable white solution at its Glostrup, Denmark office, creating a shining example to show off to prospective customers as well as drastically reducing energy bills. The refit utilised existing fittings to ensure reduced costs and upheaval, with no need to remodel the existing ceiling.

SafeExIT was keen to save potential energy during the daytime, and be able to adjust the colour of the lighting to better match the natural light conditions. It was important for the firm to find a simple streamlined system that used a single panel to switch on and off the lights. It opted for Helvar’s iC networked solution, incorporating the 920 router and utilising Designer iC software. This future proof and scalable lighting management solution is fully compatible with the DALI colour control standard. The Designer iC solution made it easy to pick the right colour for each luminaire within the lighting network, making the commissioning process much quicker and more straightforward.

The lighting is set to a pleasant colour mix of 3000K and 5000K in the square-shaped luminaires, and is run by Helvar’s Tunable White iC-drivers, with linear LED-modules. Peter Bech, Manager at SafeExIT, comments: “I wanted to update the lights with a DALI system, and tunable white was an added opportunity on top of that. The impact of light on physical work conditions interested us, and we are keen to learn more about how it works. We’re delighted with the end result; everything looks much fresher now, and the previous lighting had become tired and outdated.”

The installation kept the original lighting switch by the reception desk. When the lights are switched on, everything works automatically, delivering a holistic automated lighting solution. Working in conjunction with the system, Helvar’s 312 Multisensors use PIR, constant light and infrared control to ensure optimal energy-efficient performance. The system supports the use of daylight through the office roof windows. As an added benefit, SafeExIT found the energy saving to be even better than expected. Helvar’s local partner calculated that Safeexit’s old consumption was 16,517 kWh. The new calculation is 3,909 kWh per year, meaning a massive reduction of 12,607 kWh per year, equivalent to an annual saving of €3,362.

The meeting room formed another key part of the lighting upgrade. Serving multiple purposes, the room functions as an exhibition area, classroom and as a cinema. Thanks to the new solution, SafeExIT manager Peter Bech is now able to control the lighting from his tablet via Helvar’s SceneSet app. Lighting scenes can be changed seamlessly and easily, which serves as an excellent training tool.

SafeExIT needed to install controlling wires for the DALI system for the new setup. They divided the office space into east and west segments and cabled the segments separately, which made the installer’s work simple and fast. The client appreciated the simple cabling and the possibility to easily all lighting units: luminaires, sensors and panels. SafeExIT also appreciated that Helvar partner, Vanpee, has been on hand to provide extensive support both during the project and afterwards. Helvar’s holistic solution included all components, controls and technical support, offering extra peace of mind, with Safeexit secure in the knowledge that all components would be compatible with each other.

SOLUTIONS: Tunable White, Designer iC software, DALI system, Colour control, Infrared control, Energy efficiency, Human Centric Lighting, Linear LED modules

Glostrup, Denmark