Helvar’s ActiveAhead makes lighting solutions easy and adaptable

The ActiveAhead wireless lighting control system by Helvar comes with various benefits during all stages of a project. It’s not only easy to install and set up, but the system’s smart control devices are also readily customizable at any time once the system is already in use. Furthermore, the system’s programmability helps save on costs, as many adjustments can be made without major changes to the solution overall.


Besides its sturdy structures and modern styling, light is an important element of the Maistraatinportti office complex in the Helsinki district of Pasila. Renovated between 2022-2023, the complex is designed to allow ample light to permeate its interiors for an appealing and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. The artificial lighting of the complex keeps with this philosophy by both complementing the natural light that flows in and assuming its role when required. The Helvar ActiveAhead wireless lighting solution has been very useful for setting up the lighting in Maistraatinportti accordingly. Luminaires equipped with the ActiveAhead system are a breeze not only to set up and introduce into use, but also to adjust at any time once already installed.
Elektro-Valo Oy is a designer and manufacturer of luminaires. For Maistraatinportti, Elektro-Valo provided the light fixtures fitted with Helvar’s ActiveAhead system. Joona Virtanen, project manager for Caverion, a building technology and industrial services company, says it was easy to work with both Elektro-Valo and Helvar. The companies cooperated to plan the lighting solution around Maistraatinportti’s specific requirements.
– “We got customized luminaires with Helvar’s control devices integrated into them. This saved us time and money on-site, and the end result turned out great.”


Simple introduction and customization

After installation was complete, Virtanen explains, it was time to introduce the lighting solution into use at the office complex. Helvar, knowing their own ActiveAhead system inside and out, was commissioned to program it for Maistraatinportti. Introducing the system for use was very simple with Helvar’s own mobile app. Thanks to the adjustability of the ActiveAhead smart control devices, any necessary changes could still be easily made once the system was already in use.
Customizability is among the great strengths of the ActiveAhead lighting control solution, as Kimmo Assmuth, project manager for YIT, the developer of the Maistraatinportti project, can attest.
– “The great thing about the Helvar ActiveAhead wireless lighting control system is that it enabled us to fulfill the end-user’s requests and requirements even when we were made aware of them once the system was already in place.”
Another important benefit of this customizability is lower costs. Antti Lehikoinen is a project manager for Insinööritoimisto Tauno Nissinen Oy, which specializes in electrical design and consulting. He says ActiveAhead decreases the need for sweeping modifications when adjustments to lighting are required.
– “The end-user incurs lower costs since adjustments can be made by reprogramming the system. Any changes required beyond that will be mainly on partition walls and other structural aspects.”


Smooth cooperation

Elektro-Valo’s sales manager Petteri Mykrä says the company has worked with Helvar for many years now and the cooperation is a crucial part of Elektro-Valo’s business, especially in wireless lighting solutions. The company entered the Maistraatinportti project at an early stage and began to develop it together with Helvar and Caverion. According to Mykrä, this cooperation from early on was integral to the project’s success.
– “Helvar’s role is indispensable, particularly when it comes to the placement of ActiveAhead nodes and control devices into our light fixtures. Another significant aspect is their contribution to the design of our luminaires. Working with Helvar has always been seamless for us.”


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