Gloria Serenity Hotel


Elevating the Guest Experience at Gloria Serenity Hotel

The collaboration between Elekon Energy Systems and Gloria Serenity Resort began eighteen years ago with the lighting automation project for the resort’s general areas. Having implemented Helvar products for the first time in this project, Elekon has been providing maintenance services to the resort ever since. With the recent major renovation of the resort, the hotel management decided to elevate guest experience by incorporating a unique Guest Room Management System (GRMS). Elekon, having developed a sample room that impressed the hotel management, undertook the GRMS project, marking another milestone in their long-standing partnership.

The GRMS project encompassed the integration of lighting control, IP phone, access control, and guest room management into every guest room, suite, and villa. Elekon and Helvar were chosen as key suppliers due to their comprehensive package, flexibility, quality, and the successful track record of equipment installed in public areas for 12 trouble-free years. Additionally, Elekon were responsible for the Helvar Imagine lighting solution installed at the Gloria Golf Resort.
The guest room solution at Gloria Serenity Hotel, implemented through Elekon’s innovative technology, offers an integrated and advanced system designed to enhance guest experiences.
Upon check-in, the software seamlessly communicates with the room management system, activating a personalized welcome scene the moment the guest opens the door, triggered by a magnetic contact above the entrance.
Strategic placement of control panels throughout the room—near the bed, entrance, study desk, and bathroom—provides guests with easy access to different scenarios, catering to various needs such as sleep, entertainment, or ambient lighting. These panels, integrated with Helvar and Iridium systems, allow for intuitive control over lighting, climate settings, curtains, and other room features.
To ensure energy efficiency, the system identifies inactivity, powering down non-essential features after 15 minutes of guest absence while maintaining essential services like the minibar and TV.

Upon guest checkout, the system closes curtains automatically, maintaining a consistent temperature for the next guest. Additionally, features like “Do Not Disturb” and laundry requests are seamlessly managed through the system.
The guest room solution prioritises guest comfort, energy efficiency, and streamlined management for the hotel staff, fostering a sophisticated and technologically advanced stay for guests at Gloria Serenity Hotel.

The Guest Room Management Solution:

Guest Room Automation Implementation:
  • Helvar 905 lighting routers, dimmers, relays, and blind control modules were installed in every guest room and villa.
  • 366 Helvar 905 Routers were applied to 250 rooms, 20 luxury suites, and 92 villas, enhancing the capability for independent room operation.
  • Various Helvar products, including routers, sensors, and panels, were strategically placed to create a seamless and energy-efficient guest room automation system.
Innovative Solutions:
  • Integration of Johnson Controls thermostat for standalone room control, connected via LonWorks over a separate Lon line.
  • Development of Elekon’s Door Not Disturb (DND) panel with three indicators and a bell button, enabling communication with the Helvar Router via DALI.
  • Integration of door lock system, hotel management system, Helvar lighting automation, and Johnson Controls thermostat system through Tridium software.
Smart Technology Integration:
  • Installation of Helvar driver and Iridium software on an IP phone with a 7-inch screen, providing room control, air conditioning control, curtain control, Do not Disturb, and Make-up Room features.
  • Tridium software centralises door lock, lighting automation, and thermostat systems, offering graphical control and monitoring of luminaires and areas.
Data Management and Energy Efficiency:
  • API development over Tridium allows hotel management to monitor occupancy rates, entry-exit routines, and various data points for informed decision-making.
  • Activation of energy-saving scenarios when rooms are unoccupied, controlled by sensors and magnetic contacts.
Big Data Analytics and Customer Experience:
  • Hidden buttons on DND panel provide insights into room occupancy status, enabling housekeeping personnel to tailor services without disturbing guests.
  • Tracking room preparation times through a hidden button behind the cleaning icon, providing valuable data for efficient hotel management.
Economical Operation Mode:
  • Activation of an economical operation mode when guests are not present in their rooms, contributing to advanced energy savings.
Public Areas Renovation:
  • Complete renovation of all public areas with the replacement of existing Helvar equipment, incorporating the latest 910 series routers for DALI control.
  • Tridium integration for graphical control and monitoring of luminaires and areas in public spaces.
Gloria Serenity Resort has successfully embraced cutting-edge technologies in lighting automation and GRMS systems, setting a new standard for guest comfort, operational efficiency, and sustainability. Elekon’s expertise and Helvar’s innovative solutions continue to make a lasting difference in the resort’s commitment to providing an exceptional hospitality experience.

Key facts

Project completed: 2023
Project location: İstanbul, Türkiye
Partner: Elekon Energy Systems