Helvar, a leading provider of wireless lighting solutions, is transforming the sustainability of industrial facilities with intelligent end-to-end control solutions. Helvar offers scalable wired and wireless solutions and lighting components along with a suite of digital services and smart reporting tools that enable data-driven decisions, resulting in reduced downtime, improved ROI, and strengthened competitiveness. The newest innovations for industrial spaces bring significant energy savings, enhanced operational efficiency, and improved safety and wellbeing for employees.

“As industrial luminaires are often very powerful and energy consuming, lighting can represent the highest proportion of electrical energy spending in most warehouses”, says Matti Vesterinen, Director of Wireless at Helvar. “With the Helvar ActiveAhead wireless industrial solution, businesses can significantly reduce energy costs and their carbon footprint while maintaining optimal lighting, lowering maintenance costs and enabling also adaptation to regulations and standards.”

A core benefit of Helvar’s end-to-end solutions is creating safer and healthier working environments with high-quality lighting levels for employee wellbeing. Moreover, Helvar Insights’ advanced monitoring capabilities enable businesses to track energy performance and achieve substantial energy savings. Integration capabilities with other building systems allow for even more holistic insights that help with optimising operations, and maintenance processes, as well as enhancing industrial workspace efficiency and productivity.

Helvar is expanding its portfolio by introducing several new sensors and industrial DALI-2 LED drivers specifically designed for high bay applications. Luminaire-based sensors will be available both for DALI-2 solutions and for its award-winning intelligent lighting control solution Helvar ActiveAhead™. The luminaire-based sensors are IP65-rated from the outside, allowing them to meet the needs of different types of industrial installation environments. Movement detection is supported for up to 17 meters and the sensors also include a light sensor.

The new LL165HE-DA-300-1050-IND LED driver, with a remarkable 165 watts of power, is designed for high bay industrial luminaires. It enables easy upgrading from high-power indoor luminaires to industrial-grade models, achieving higher brightness with exceptional efficiency and high temperature tolerance up to 70 °C. The new Industrial DALI-2 driver supports SmartData features that can report vital information such as energy consumption and diagnostics.

Additionally, Helvar is introducing two new ceiling mountable high bay sensors with radio for ActiveAhead. The mains-powered 5641 Node Multisensor High Bay detects movement in up to 14 m installation height and can be used as a wireless sensor for the ActiveAhead system. The 5640 Node Multisensor is used for typical indoor ceiling heights. They include a DALI output with an integrated DALI power supply allowing customers to connect DALI devices to it.

Both new Node Multisensors include the same kind of smart capabilities as the highly appraised ActiveAhead Node Advanced, meaning they provide the ability to connect and control individual DALI luminaires and selected DALI devices such as sensors and relays. Thus, the benefits of ActiveAhead can now be brought into new types of applications and use cases utilising DALI addressing, making the setup options more flexible. The Node Multisensors will recognise the connected DALI devices on the DALI line and provide each of them with an individual address. This new capability enables the possibility to tune light output levels individually on the load level. Furthermore, having individual addresses visible via the ActiveAhead mobile app makes troubleshooting convenient.

Helvar’s ActiveAhead Node Multisensors along with Node Advanced are truly unique products in the lighting market. No other products offer the benefits of DALI devices with simple local wiring while having these areas still connected together on a wireless mesh network.

For more information, read the full product news post or contact Matti Vesterinen, Director of Wireless.

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Helvar is an international lighting technologies company specialising in intelligent and energy-saving lighting solutions. Intelligent lighting is essential to achieving optimal building sustainability and to supporting the wellbeing of every person using a space. Helvar lighting control solutions and luminaire components help to create smart environments built for the future, harnessing data, creating tangible insights, and integrating seamlessly with other systems. With 100 years of expertise, Helvar serves its customers locally with offices in Finland, the UK and Sweden and via their global network of partners in over 75 countries.

With over 275,000 global projects spanning all industries and applications, Helvar’s offering ranges from world-class drivers and components through to wired and wireless lighting control solutions, supported by the latest cloud-based digital services platform: a future-proof end-to-end solution for Brighter Spaces.