Lighting Control Energy & Project Cost Calculator

Save thousands on your next lighting energy bill— here’s how:

Did you know that fluorescent lighting is now banned for sale in the EU? And for good reason, as it wastes upwards of 50% more energy than standard LEDs.
Your ‘9 to 5 lighting’ will eliminate human error with ON/OFF switches, but you’re only scratching the surface when it comes to saving energy costs.
Occupancy sensors are a good way to save ~25% more energy compared to scheduled lighting… but why stop right before the finish line?
Make data-driven decisions with smart reports and lighting that adapts to the natural daylight in your spaces, reaching up to 85% total savings.
A win for you, your people and the environment.

Don’t stay in the dark— unveil your savings potential!

If you have a fluorescent system, our tool allows you to compare the project- and energy costs of upgrading to an LED system with various options for lighting control.
If you have an existing LED system, you can compare how different control solutions will impact on your energy performance.
This tool provides a comparison of the project- and energy costs between various lighting systems. In the calculations, the fluorescent system is assumed to be pre-installed, and thus does not include the cost of the luminaires and installation.
For ease of use, some values used in the calculations have been pre-set and are not configurable. Cabling, installation and configuration costs have been estimated based on the cost of labour and materials in Finland. Luminaire wattage is estimated based on typical values for each application area. Electricity prices are adjusted to a 3.6% yearly increase. The currency conversion rate from EUR to GBP is set at 0.86 and revised periodically.
* CO2 Emission intensity is estimated based on EU averages found here
** Annual electricity usage is estimated based on estimates found here
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Lighting Controls Energy & Cost Calculator

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