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Helvar ActiveAhead® is a truly intelligent and scalable end-to-end wireless lighting solution designed for future-proof spaces.

Its unique self-learning capabilities give ultimate efficiency in setup and operations. ActiveAhead will continuously learn and generate insights, maximising positive impact on wellbeing and optimising your ever-evolving building. The perfect solution for offices, warehouses, retail, stairways and parking garages.

Why Helvar ActiveAhead?

Award-winning wireless lighting controls

Self-learning with enhanced comfort

Wirelessly networked ActiveAhead Nodes use a smart algorithm to learn how the space is used. The luminaires collect data from their own sensors as well as from the other luminaires which surround them. They also respond to the amount of natural light in the space.
Due to its intelligence, the lighting level remains optimal for the user and it continuously adapts to possible changes.

Energy efficient buildings

Compared to an LED-based switched luminaire, ActiveAhead takes comfort to a totally new level while offering substantial energy savings.
In addition to increasing the lights in a predictive manner, the Nodes dim the lights in a smart way depending on the space usage, thus helping to save energy.

Simple and fast installation

Luminaires fitted with ActiveAhead are extremely easy to install. Just fix the luminaires to their intended position and switch on the mains. No control wiring, programming or configuration is needed.
Optional customisation and grouping is possible using the ActiveAhead mobile app. Continuous learning means that the system adjusts lighting automatically, without the need for any manual re-configuration.

Future-proof with cloud connectivity

Connect ActiveAhead to Helvar Insights to take advantage of the data gathered from your lighting control network and add the power of cloud-based analytics to improve wellbeing, efficiency and sustainability.
Lighting energy monitoring brings awareness and highlights saving potential, use the data from movement sensors to optimise your space, and ensure your lighting solution is working as it should be with 24/7 monitoring.

Introducing our new set of high bay sensors— industrial applications just got more choice!

With new high bay sensors, the benefits and easiness of ActiveAhead can now be brought to industrial applications.
Using the luminaire-based 5636 Multisense R60 High Bay sensor and the independent 5641 Node Multisensor High Bay, an industrial installation can be built flexibly with either wireless ActiveAhead luminaires or standard DALI luminaires.
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See the Unipro case study

Introducing ActiveAhead Node Advanced

Combine the benefits of wireless and wired!
Bring a new level of scalability to your system with ActiveAhead Node Advanced by connecting and controlling individual DALI luminaires and selected DALI devices through your wireless ActiveAhead solution.
With these additions, the benefits and the easiness of ActiveAhead can be brought to new application areas such as warehouses, new types of offices, and retail, as well as use cases utilising DALI addressing.
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ActiveAhead System Overview

See the full benefits!

Emergency Lighting Testing & Reporting 

Save time and money with automation! Schedule automated emergency lighting tests or start a function or duration test on demand. View full reports that detail performance for each device, device failures and the reason for failure. Remove the need for laboursome manual testing outside of office hours with intelligent, automated reporting.
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See ActiveAhead in practice!


With ActiveAhead, renovating the lighting system in this large shopping centre was a fast and easy project, according to the electrical installer. Combined with Helvar Insights, the premises can now deliver intelligent insights about energy- and system health, ultimately saving both time and money.

Bravida Case Study

Bravida’s office in Linköping, Sweden, is equipped with Aura Light and Helvar technologies, and showcases the impactful benefits and energy savings that intelligent wireless lighting can bring.

Ramboll Case Study

The self-learning, future-proof wireless lighting control solution ActiveAhead was selected for Ramboll Headquarters to cover the office floors. It is also used throughout the parking garage, providing impressive energy savings. There are a total of around 3000 ActiveAhead luminaires installed on-site.

ActiveAhead video library

ActiveAhead for Industrial applications

Reduce your building’s carbon footprint and energy costs, integrate with a variety of building systems and gain access to valuable data and insights. Learn more.

Truly Intelligent Wireless Lighting Solution

Find out why self-learning ActiveAhead is the ultimate wireless lighting control solution!

ActiveAhead Student Challenge

What happens when you ask four students with no lighting background to configure an ActiveAhead system?

How to setup ActiveTune personal lighting control

With the Helvar ActiveTune solution space users can tune the light above their desk using a mobile app. This video shows how quick it is to pair an ActiveAhead luminaire with an ActiveTune sticker using the ActiveAhead mobile app.

How to use network level operations in ActiveAhead

ActiveAhead Nodes reside in the one same network, making it possible to target the whole network or parts of it. This video shows how to take advantage of network level operations using the ActiveAhead mobile app.

How to setup corridor hold function in ActiveAhead

The corridor hold function keeps lights in a group on while another group is active. This video shows how easy and fast it is to activate corridor hold using the ActiveAhead mobile app.

Installing Helvar ActiveAhead Enabled Luminaires

Installing ActiveAhead Ready Luminaires is easy and quick. Here you can watch the recommended sensor positioning for optimal sensor operation. PDF

Helvar ActiveAhead – Setup Demonstration

Helvar’s Wireless Director Matti Vesterinen demonstrates with a demo case how flexibly and easily an ActiveAhead® control system can be setup.

How to configure a meeting room with Helvar ActiveAhead Node Advanced

Helvar ActiveAhead Node Advanced allows you to configure a meeting room with DALI luminaires and DALI devices of your choice. This video goes through the entire meeting room configuration process including settings, wall panel setup and corridor hold functionality.

How to configure ActiveAhead in a Parking Garage

This super simple step-by-step guide shows just how easy and fast it is to configure ActiveAhead using the ActiveAhead app!

Always looking, always learning

Want to know more about self-learning Helvar ActiveAhead in open-plan areas?

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