Helvar鈥檚 lighting control system shines bright with smart technology and easy setup

Hansakortteli is the largest and oldest shopping center in the city of Turku. Following extensive renovations that began in 2016, its various spaces have been illuminated by the result of a concerted effort between providers of smart technology and traditional lighting expertise.
Since installing Helvar鈥檚 ActiveAhead lighting control system in the shopping center鈥檚 public sections, the general lighting for the staff parking as well as the maintenance and logistics areas has also been reworked. Janne Suominen, Property Manager for Hansakortteli, says the new lighting solution has been superb.
鈥 We have found this intelligent system to work really well for us.
Some of the new lights feature motion sensors. Jerry Tuominen, an electrician at LP Electric Oy, explains that the motion sensor-based fixtures light up on detecting motion and dim down to a preset percentage of the maximum brightness level when idle.
Meanwhile, Legrand contributed to the project with its Ensto Flip line of industrial LED lighting. The company鈥檚 Area Sales Manager Aki Saine says Helvar鈥檚 ActiveAhead sensor is easy to integrate into the Ensto Flip products.
鈥 We have worked with Helvar since the planning stage, which is how they learned of this possibility.
During the collaboration, optimal lux levels for each area of the shopping center were defined according to the specifications at Hansakortteli. Subsequently, Helvar and Legrand determined which Ensto Luminaires were to be fitted with an ActiveAhead sensor.

Up and running at the flick of a switch

Tuominen from LP Electric Oy, the company that installed the new lighting solution, says it was a fast and easy project thanks to a well-designed interface and compatibility with previously installed systems.
鈥 We were able to utilize the cables from previous lighting, and connecting the new fixtures was intuitive. They were also easy to adjust.
Hansakortteli鈥檚 Suominen credits ActiveAhead for simplifying the installation:
鈥 It made cooperating with the contractor much easier. Furthermore, it provided us with great ways to control and modify the system.
Echoing the sentiment, Tuominen comments on ActiveAhead from an electrician鈥檚 perspective:
鈥 It is quick to set up. It enables us to program the lights on-site and get them ready for use right away.

Helvar Insights leaves nothing in the dark

Combined with ActiveAhead, the Helvar Insights digital service platform adds to the advanced implementation of Hansakortteli鈥檚 lighting. Suominen points out that previously, the lights were blaring almost all day and night. Together, the smart solutions will bring remarkable savings on energy. Furthermore, the shopping center鈥檚 property maintenance staff can now monitor the system in real time using the cloud-based Helvar Insights, enabling them to quickly respond to any device malfunctions. The platform also comes with utilization analysis for optimizing lighting levels throughout the whole building.
鈥 We can consolidate all these components into a single platform for convenient access. You could say we are now ahead of our time.
While the benefits of the lighting system as a whole are not set to fade out, Suominen concludes by commending Helvar鈥檚 role in the companies鈥 combined effort:
鈥 Our cooperation has been seamless from the start. I feel really confident in recommending Helvar as a partner.

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