Helvar has now published its 2023 annual sustainability report, following the company’s first such publication in 2022. By compiling the document according to the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) framework, Helvar’s 2023 report sets a new standard for both the company and industry.

“We are proud to be releasing our 2023 sustainability report as it again demonstrates our commitment to transparency and accountability, yet, even in light of our progress, we remain humble knowing that the path to a truly sustainable industry will demand continued hard work and collaboration between our stakeholders and industry leaders”, says Adel Hattab, CEO of Helvar.

As part of the document and as a key CSRD reporting requirement, Helvar has conducted a double materiality assessment—an in-depth analysis of material company topics evaluated by their impact on both environmental and financial performance. While improving the impact of Helvar’s own operations remains a strong focus, investing in sustainable innovations and growing the company handprint continues to be a core company strategy to drive significant positive change across the built environment.

“2023 was a year of great progress, and we hope to continue this momentum with a strong focus on sustainable solutions that can drive a real impact for people, buildings and the environment”, says Hattab.

Read the full report here.


Helvar is an international lighting technologies company specialising in intelligent and energy-saving lighting solutions. Intelligent lighting is essential to achieving optimal building sustainability and to supporting the wellbeing of every person using a space. Helvar lighting control solutions and luminaire components help to create smart environments built for the future, harnessing data, creating tangible insights, and integrating seamlessly with other systems. With 100 years of expertise, Helvar serves its customers locally with offices in Finland, the UK and Sweden and via their global network of partners in over 75 countries.

With over 275,000 global projects spanning all industries and applications, Helvar’s offering ranges from world-class drivers and components through to wired and wireless lighting control solutions, supported by the latest cloud-based digital services platform: a future-proof end-to-end solution for Brighter Spaces.