Alden Biesen Castle


Crafting Lightscapes – A Collaborative Endeavor for Architectural Brilliance of Alden Biesen Castle

Alden Biesen, a monumental castle domain located in Bilzen, Belgium, stands as a testament to grandeur and history in the Eu Region. As a magnificent heritage site and a cultural center under the Flemish Government’s guardianship, Alden Biesen sought to illuminate its architectural marvels. In close collaboration with the lighting designer, the Flemish Government, the contractor, and the installer, Helvar delivered a bespoke lighting control system to enhance the castle’s nocturnal charm. Spectrum Advies & Design, on behalf of the Flemish Government, orchestrated the lighting design for Alden Biesen Castle. Meticulously balancing functional and experiential lighting, the design aimed to create an immersive visual experience for visitors, accentuating the castle’s architectural splendor.
Helvar’s lighting control system ensures the seamless realization of the lighting plan, offering flexibility and adaptability. Automated scene switching guarantees the perfect ambiance at any given time, aligning with the diverse needs of the castle’s dynamic environment. For added convenience, manual control via a touch screen allows swift adjustments during events, accommodating the ever-changing lighting requirements. This hands-on approach ensured that every nuance of the lighting design was brought to life, creating an atmosphere that resonates with Alden Biesen’s historical significance. To maintain the lighting system’s optimal performance, a service subscription was initiated, empowering Helvar to make adjustments remotely. This commitment to ongoing support ensures that Alden Biesen Castle continues to shine brightly, adapting to the nuances of time and events.

Key facts

Project completed: 2019
Project location: Bilzen, Belgium
Partner: Lighting Controls BVBA trading