Church of Christ the Saviour

Prague, Czech Republic

Architectural Brilliance of 2021: A Glimpse into the Award-Winning Church

The Church of Christ the Saviour, which won the title of Building of the Year in 2021, stands as a testament to contemporary architectural excellence. It boasts several progressive and highly effective elements, underpinned by cutting-edge structural design and modern technology. 

A variety of architectural features have been thoughtfully incorporated to infuse the interior with natural daylight. Notable among these is the cylindrical window within the nave chapel, serving as a substantial source of both real and symbolic daylight. Another source of illumination is the strip window situated beneath the ceiling, gracefully encircling the entire church, with the exception of the tower.
For this project, our partner, DNA CENTRAL EUROPE s.r.o. implemented the Helvar lighting control system, seamlessly integrating it with the Awex emergency lighting system. The synergy achieved through the integration of these two systems significantly enhanced the overall lighting infrastructure. 
Helvar’s chosen lighting control system is of the IMAGINE type, primarily reliant on the DALI router 905. To govern lighting control, we strategically deployed 8-button control modules, and the scheduling of time-based programs is managed efficiently from the control room through the Helvar WEB Server with advanced visualization capabilities.
To ensure uninterrupted power supply for emergency lighting, we installed a central battery system, specifically the LPS / LPS-4 configuration, bolstered by an external CTF module. Notably, we selected LOVATO (a new addition for 2021), AXP, and ARROW N luminaires as the designated emergency lighting fixtures, further contributing to the project’s robust and dependable lighting infrastructure.

Key facts

Project completed: 2018
Project location: Prague, Czech Republic
Construction company: Metrostav a.s. 
Architect: ATELIER Žiška, s.r.o.
Prague, Czech Republic