Naviair Control Center

Copenhagen, Denmark

Naviair’s Sustainable Transformation: A Brighter, Eco-Friendly Future with Lighting Control

Naviair ensures the safe guidance of aircrafts through Danish airspace, from takeoff to landing, with air traffic controllers at their Copenhagen Airport control centre working around the clock, 365 days a year, managing nearly 700,000 flights annually.

Naviair has implemented a cutting-edge Helvar lighting control system, significantly improving the work environment, reducing maintenance, and achieving noticeable energy savings in alignment with their eco-friendly ethos.
Previously, the control centre relied on an outdated system featuring T8 fluorescent tubes, demanding frequent repairs and upkeep. As part of an upgrade initiative, Sweco Danmark A/S collaborated with Vanpee, the chosen lighting control supplier. Rather than replacing all 346 fixtures, an eco-conscious solution was devised in partnership with Okholm Lighting A/S. The old fittings, along with metal components, were recycled, retaining only the internal components while transitioning to LED lighting. The control centre’s lighting is designed to be uplight, casting indirect light upwards to prevent screen glare for air traffic controllers working on screens.
Our partner, Vanpee implemented a Helvar DALI lighting control system at Naviair’s control centre. The lighting is managed through Helvar Imagine 910 routers and can be adjusted using the Helvar SceneSet app on iPads. The lighting system is configured with Human-Centric Lighting (HCL), incorporating RGB and Tunable White technology to achieve precise colour control. Operating 24/7, it’s vital that air traffic controllers remain alert, and HCL replicates natural light variations, influencing concentration, productivity, mood, sleep quality, and overall well-being positively.

Key facts

Project completed: 2021
Project location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Lighting Control: Vanpee A/S
Installer: C.O. Olver El-anlæg A/S
Luminaires: Okholm Lighting A/S
Advisor: Sweco Danmark A/S
Copenhagen, Denmark