Palladium – Shopping Centre

Czech Republic

Palladium: Illuminating a Unique Shopping Experience in Prague

Palladium is a modern and exceptional shopping centre nestled in the heart of Prague. The architects have meticulously integrated the original historical structure with a contemporary addition, resulting in a harmonious complex that houses a plethora of shops, restaurants, and an entertainment zone.
Our partner, DNA Central Europe, had the privilege of providing a comprehensive lighting control system, illuminating this extraordinary space with captivating light scenes. For this remarkable project, DNA CE selected the cutting-edge Helvar Imagine Solution, renowned for its world-class performance.
Imagine DALI routers were strategically installed across nine high-current switchboards, ensuring seamless communication and interconnection through the Palladium Ethernet network. As a result, the central control point comprises a PC visualisation on a tailor-made control panel, empowering the customer with detailed insights into the nearly 3,000 controlled luminaires. Within the vast complex that is Palladium, DNA’s technical team receives daily email notifications encompassing valuable information on potential faults, consumption patterns, and luminaire statuses.
Among the impressive lighting scenes, two scenic chandeliers take centre stage – one at the main entrance and another in the metro passage.
The installed advanced system effortlessly enables the control of pre-set configurations, including the captivating display of the Czech flag. This remarkable feature is made possible by the versatile Helvar Imagine routers, which not only facilitate DALI communication but also incorporate the DMX protocol.

At Palladium, the focus extends beyond stage lighting, prioritising the comfort and wellbeing of visitors. Throughout the premises, you will find luminaires that not only adjust the intensity of lighting but also dynamically alter the colour temperature. The Helvar systems efficiently manage the lighting based on the time of day and night, perfectly aligning with the natural circadian rhythm of individuals, ultimately enhancing their overall sense of wellbeing and comfort.
Additionally, the lighting time schedules are synchronised with the shopping complex’s opening hours and can be effortlessly controlled from the central control room using the Helvar WEB Server and the aforementioned visualisation. In case of service interventions, the entire system can be simultaneously controlled from each system switchboard, facilitated by convenient buttons conveniently located on the switchboard doors.





Key Facts

Completed: 2020
Photography: Insight Home
General Contractor: HINTON, a.s.
Architect: SIAL architekti a inženýři spol. s r. o. (SIAL architects and engineers Ltd.)
Czech Republic