Allander Leisure Centre


Innovative Lighting Control for Allander Leisure Centre

The Allander Leisure Centre, located in Bearsden, Scotland, is a state-of-the-art sports and leisure facility developed as part of a £42.5 million investment by the East Dunbartonshire Council. The centre offers a wide range of amenities, including swimming pools, gyms, studios, sports halls, and support facilities for individuals with learning disabilities. Sustainability and energy efficiency were key considerations for the project, aligning with the council’s priority of reducing carbon emissions.

To meet the diverse needs of the Allander Leisure Centre, a comprehensive lighting control system was required. The primary objective was to implement a full DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) solution that offered flexibility, maximised energy savings, and optimised the utilisation of natural daylight. The lighting control system needed to cover all areas of the building and provide scene-setting capabilities for the gym and studio spaces. Additionally, emergency monitoring was essential for safety purposes.
“Helvar was specified for the project as their system is perfectly tailored for the project’s needs. From start to finish, their service has been excellent and incredibly helpful. The ease of installation, coupled with the smooth commissioning process, makes Helvar a definite contender for future projects. With their exceptional service and competitive pricing, we have no hesitation in using Helvar again”, comments Gary Kimmins, Operations Manager, SPIE UK. 

Key Solution

Helvar was selected to provide the ideal solution for the Allander Leisure Centre. The implemented system enabled control over all lighting within the facility, ensuring efficient operation and energy conservation. Scene-setting functionality was utilised in the gym and studio areas, allowing customised lighting environments to enhance user experience. Moreover, the lighting control system included comprehensive emergency monitoring capabilities to ensure the safety and wellbeing of visitors. All these features were accessible and manageable through the user-friendly ‘Extend’ front end interface.
The system incorporated the following Helvar products to fulfil the lighting control requirements of the Allander Leisure Centre:
1.  The 910 DALI router played a crucial role in connecting and managing the DALI lighting fixtures throughout the facility.
2.  The 492 was utilised as a versatile DALI control unit, enabling precise control and programming of individual lighting fixtures.
3.  Helvar 321 and 320 occupancy and daylight sensors were integrated into the lighting control system to optimise energy usage based on occupancy and available natural light.
4.  The Helvar Extend front end provided a user-friendly interface for managing and monitoring the lighting system, allowing for easy customisation and adjustments.
5.  The ST7 control panel was installed at the reception area, serving as a centralised control point for managing and overseeing the lighting system’s operation.
“Helvar was the preferred choice for the Allander Leisure Centre due to our reputation for flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. Our DALI solutions perfectly aligned with the project’s requirements for creating adaptable lighting environments while maximising energy efficiency. Helvar can offer local project support in Scotland, having a team of four controls specialists based in the region, ensuring prompt assistance and expertise throughout the implementation process, and highlighting our commitment to customer satisfaction” explains Raymund McGrath, Regional Manager, Helvar. 

By implementing a comprehensive DALI system, the centre can achieve flexibility, energy savings, and efficient management of lighting across all areas. With scene-setting capabilities, emergency monitoring, and user-friendly control interfaces, Helvar has contributed to the creation of a modern, sustainable, and enjoyable environment for the local community. The Allander Leisure Centre stands as a testament to Helvar’s expertise in lighting control systems and its commitment to delivering innovative solutions tailored to specific customer needs.

Key Facts

Completed: March 2023
M&E engineers: Baker Hicks
Main contractor: McLaughlin & Harvey
M&E Contractor: SPIE
Architect: Holmes Miller
End User: East Dunbartonshire Council