MVM Dome


BE LIGHT! Shines in Designing the MVM Dome Lighting Experience

The MVM Dome, a magnificent 20,000-seat, 50,000 square meter multifunctional complex, stands as a testament to architectural and technological excellence in Budapest, Hungary. Completed by the end of 2021, the lighting system within this grand arena was not just designed and supplied by BE LIGHT!; it was an artistic creation, a showcase of cutting-edge lighting technology, and a testament to the mastery of programming a control system with thousands of addresses.
Entering the MVM Dome through its main entrance unveils a captivating world of illumination in the foyers and communal areas. Custom-made luminaires, a collaborative creation with the MVM DOME interior designers from the MCXVI Architectural Studio, grace these spaces. Hanging profiles, forming the letter “V,” are strategically placed, creating a visually stunning contrast with the dark-toned ceiling. These luminaires not only serve their practical purpose but become iconic design elements, leaving an indelible mark on the interior with their distinctive shapes and abundance.
The VIP boxes, grounded in sleek minimalism, seamlessly integrate with the interior design concept. Linear LED luminaires, embedded into power tracks, provide general lighting, augmented by individual directional spotlights for focused illumination. Across the ground floor, VIP levels, and VIP boxes, the technical prowess of the lighting system shines through with the installation of 43 Helvar Digidim 910 routers, 69 135B+235S touch panels, 3 Bacnet gateway 435, and 7 blind controllers.

Key facts

Project completed: 2021
Project location: Budapest, Hungary
Partner: BE LIGHT Kft.