Gelişim University


Shaping Tomorrow’s Learning Spaces with DALI

The Gelişim University campus project in Istanbul, Turkiye, involved the transformation of a former office building owned by Zorlu Holding into a fully functional educational facility. The challenge arose from repurposing office spaces into classrooms and educational areas due to the existing office layout. Courtesy of long-standing Turkish Partner, Elekon Energy Systems, the integration of DALI technology played a crucial role in overcoming obstacles related to cabling limitations.

The innovative use of DALI allowed the Elekon team to consolidate communication for DALI sensors, drivers, and buttons into a single cable, reducing the need for extensive wiring. Our IP-based Helvar Imagine routers eliminated the necessity for additional wiring between controllers, providing seamless communication across different floors. The installation of Helvar 905, 910, and 950 routers facilitated effective control and monitoring of lighting fixtures. The client’s specific requirements for tunable white control, energy efficiency, and emergency lighting were met through DALI integration.

Why was DALI chosen for this project?

a) Cost-Efficiency: DALI significantly reduced cable costs, labour requirements, and containment needs, saving approximately 20.5 thousand metres of cables compared to alternatives like KNX or Modbus.
b) Efficient Commissioning: DALI’s digital addressing shortened test and commissioning time, offering a quicker and more straightforward process compared to KNX or Modbus.
c) Fast Data Communication: Despite a communication speed of 1200bps, DALI achieved rapid data communication at 100 megabits within every 64, 128, or 256 addresses.
d) Safety and Reliability: DALI ensured uninterrupted operation with built-in fail-safe capabilities in routers, providing continuous lighting functionality for rooms, corridors, and emergency exit routes.
e) Versatility for Different Scenarios: DALI’s versatile addressing options and DT6/DT8 compliant drivers allowed for the creation of various lighting scenarios to accommodate different activities.
f) Legal Compliance: DALI addressed the legal obligation to monitor emergency kits in the UK through wireless emergency applications.
g) Digital Infrastructure for Energy Analysis: DALI’s digital infrastructure facilitated energy analysis on a floor and department level, aligning with the client’s sustainability initiatives.
h) Flexibility for Future Development: DALI’s flexibility and programmability provided numerous possibilities for future renovations and expansions.
i) Mobile Integration: Instructors could conveniently control lighting through SceneSet on their mobile phones and tablets.
j) Enhanced Security: Integration with the fire system improved building security, enabling a coordinated response during emergencies by activating designated fire exit scenarios and ensuring emergency lighting kits operated efficiently.

Key facts

Project completed: 2023
Project location: İstanbul, Türkiye
Partner: Elekon Energy Systems