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Helvar introduces new sensing capabilities improving user comfort and energy efficiency in buildings

  • 6 heinäkuun, 2022

Helvar launches two new system components complementing sensing capabilities for buildings where energy use is to be minimised while user comfort…

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Sensing offers opportunities beyond movement and light

  • 6 heinäkuun, 2022

WRITTEN BY MATTI VESTERINEN Matti Vesterinen is the director of Helvar’s wireless lighting controls. He is responsible for the portfolio for…

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6 reasons why your office lighting is more important than you think

  • 28 kesäkuun, 2022

With Workplace 3.0, we’re redesigning our office spaces to support collaboration, productivity and hybrid working methods. Despite the joys of working…

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Preparing for new ESG directives with lighting controls

  • 7 kesäkuun, 2022

WRITTEN BY DENIS SCHWARZ Denis Schwartz is a Partner Manager at Helvar, responsible for market development in the DACH region. He…

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ActiveAhead Node Advanced tukee nyt DALI-osoitteistusta

  • 11 toukokuun, 2022

Helvar ActiveAhead Node Advanced yhdistää ActiveAheadin älykkyyden ja DALI-osoitteistuksen edut Helvar tuo ActiveAhead Node Advanced -päivityksellään uutta skaalautuvuutta palkittuun älykkääseen langattomaan…

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What impact does office space have on our people?

  • 3 toukokuun, 2022

WRITTEN BY STEWART TURNER Stewart Turner works within the Helvar HR team where we focus on bringing our mission and values…

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Renovation – Building Operators’ time to shine

  • 6 huhtikuun, 2022

WRITTEN BY ILKKA MÄKELÄ Ilkka Mäkelä is Helvar’s Global Service Sales Director, focusing mainly on Helvar Insights, our digital service portfolio…

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Why luminaire manufacturers are critical for lighting renovation projects

  • 7 maaliskuun, 2022

WRITTEN BY PAULA RISTOJA Paula Ristoja is the Head of Luminaire Manufacturer Channel at Helvar Lighting Controls, developing common business with…

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Set the strategy right for a successful renovation with lighting controls

  • 8 helmikuun, 2022

WRITTEN BY JAN BIETKOWSKI Jan Bietkowski heads the Helvar lighting control business in Sweden and is a keen advocate of providing solutions…

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Celebrating the 2021 DALI Awards

  • 19 tammikuun, 2022

Helvar and its partners celebrate Awards and Commendations at 2021 DALI AWARDS! Helvar is excited to announce that The Spine in…

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