Oyak-Renault Factory


Achieving an exceptionally efficient lighting transformation

Highly Commended by the DALI Alliance at the 2021 DALI awards, this LED transformation project at Oyak-Renault Automobile Factories enables approximately 11 MWh of energy to be saved annually— equivalent to the yearly electricity consumption of 4,700 houses!

Project overview
On a mission to save energy across all bases, the team at Oyak-Renault recently set their sights on futureproofing their space with new and highly efficient lighting controls. Leading the project was Helvar partner Elekon Enerji Sistemleri, who are renowned DALI experts in Turkey and surrounding areas with hundreds of energy-saving projects behind them.
A key focus of the project, which started in November 2019, was to provide proper and efficient lighting for working environments in the closed areas of the factory. Now, with the recent LED lighting transformation, the project is estimated to provide annual savings equivalent to the yearly electricity consumption of 4,700 houses!
The feasibility study, which lasted 12 months, stands out as the largest energy-saving project ever realised at the factory. With the recent lighting system transformation, it is estimated that 5,000 tons of carbon emissions will be reduced annually, a major milestone for Oyak-Renault towards achieving sustainability targets.
Reaching new levels of energy efficiency
Within the scope of the project, 16,400 lamps in the workshops and offices were replaced with state-of-the-art LED luminaires. Approximately 30 people took part in the fieldwork, where the application area of ​​the project was determined as 380,000 m², containing 340,000 m² closed area in total. Thanks to the transition to LED lamps and the newly installed lighting system with various automation capabilities, approximately 70% of energy savings were achieved.
Noteworthy features of the new Helvar system include automatic dimming of the lamps according to daylight, a time clock setting, and a motion sensor application— all working in tandem to provide maximum energy savings throughout the factory. In addition to these features, operating costs have been reduced significantly by controlling the entire campus from a single point. 
To date, 2010 employees have been trained in the energy school at Oyak-Renault Automobile Factories. Topics covered include not only the value of energy-saving lighting, but also theoretical and practical information on subjects such as thermal insulation in buildings and installations, compressed air leaks, efficient electric motor, and heat recovery.
The Helvar lighting control system is composed of:
100 x  Helvar 910 Routers
10 x Helvar 905 Routers
180 x Helvar Sensors (322-329)
80 x Helvar Control Panels
480 x Helvar 445 (mini input)
120 x  IP67 Button Panels
16 x  IP65 Router Panels

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