Life at Helvar: Innovation

In the final instalment of our three-part blog series, we look at what our team thinks of being part of the innovation journey at Helvar.

Helvar employees

As we’ve reached our 100th anniversary, it’s essential to acknowledge the role our employees have and continue to play in our success. “I’ve worked at Helvar for over 20 years and what makes me most proud is team commitment – how everyone is always prepared to make the extra effort to help solve a problem, make a deadline and always in a way that supports others” – Austen Conway. Our people’s dedication and support have helped us develop products and services that serve a genuine need in the market. “I’m proud of how inventing and innovations are becoming a part of our culture, something that anyone can do, and we get inventions from many parts of the company. It’s been great to see how the ActiveAhead concept has grown out of a set of ideas by several people, from the first ideas to now a fully-fledged award-winning lighting system that can be used out-of-the-box or configured for special cases” – Laura Sepponen.

As we continue inventing as one team, we ensure that great ideas materialise into outcomes that shape smart buildings’ future. “We were the first company that offered a leading solution with our Digidim range of lighting controls to support the original DALI standard. We have continued to innovate, embracing open standards and have actively engaged in industry alliances to help improve and drive standards forward. Our solutions have been developed with the features required that make them a good fit for projects across all verticals in our markets. In recent times we have adopted Agile methodologies which uses iterative development where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organising, cross-functional teams” – Austen Conway.

“Our lighting control expertise combined with customer understanding and collaboration are the drivers behind our innovations. They can be experienced in the thousands of implemented projects – in any of our addressed verticals. These are the places where visitors can enjoy Brighter Spaces and their magic – provided by Helvar.” – Lars Hellström. “The recognition by our customers and end-users, the awards won, the innovations released to the market, and patents granted, highlight Helvar’s continuous focus on innovation.” – Henri Juslén. And it’s this collaboration that makes the Helvar family so strong in achieving together. We work as one team with the ultimate goal of delighting our customers on an ongoing basis. “As a team member of Lighting Essentials (Luminaire Components), it’s been great to see the Helvar Lighting Essential transformation from a traditional ballast lighting manufacturer to a highly innovative LED specialist. This is especially a great achievement when seeing the lighting industry’s competitive landscape. Helvar worked hard during the last 100 years building a strong trustful brand which is appreciated in all of our markets. This brand equity is a result of offering the most innovative products with the highest quality standards. We are seen as a trustful partner to our customers with the best available products, innovations and support” – Peter Florack.

“It’s so refreshing to be part of such a great company like Helvar, who put big efforts to make people’s lives better – customers but also employees. When the company’s growth and open culture make people happy and feel important, it has a significant impact on business. We have plenty of nice and remarkable projects in my region every year. Helvar’s innovation is taken from a mixture of experience and youth ideas. We inherited tons of lighting knowledge and added a lot of new thinking and new energy which is why we continue to develop new and innovative products and services” – Przemysław Skorupa

As we celebrate the past 100 years and look forward to the bright future of the next 100 years, one thing is for sure; our team will always grow with us. “Creating a product, platform, and solution where we have utilised AI and wireless technologies for customers’ benefits has allowed me and many people to grow and develop while designing innovations, features, and products for new customer use cases. We aim to create the experiences that users benefit every day, and this drive is what makes Helvar so unique” – Jukka Ahola.

If you’re looking for a company where you’ll be a valued member of the team and want to contribute to the future of smart buildings, a career at Helvar might be for you!

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