Helvar Freedom wireless luminaire component product range is now becoming smart, smaller and colourful, as we introduce two completely new wireless LED drivers for connected LED lighting.

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Wireless Tunable White Dual Channel LED driver

We are so proud to be able to introduce our first wireless addition to the Helvar Tunable White LED drivers. The new 50W is the first 2-channel LED driver in the Freedom product range. With this SELV60 rated LED driver our customers can build spectacular wirelessly controlled linear luminaires with flicker-free dimming and a wide set of features. The driver is built with the best Tunable White features,  but alongside it works in DualControl mode where both channels can be controlled independently. This driver is an excellent choice for wireless lighting control solutions that require Tunable White features or indirect/direct lighting.

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DualControl – versatile use of two independent channels

DualControl is a dual-channel functionality that allows full control independently of both channels of the driver. In the DualControl mode, the luminaire designers have full freedom of specifying the LED modules freely. Total current can be stretched up to 1500mA, and the possibility of using different voltage LED modules help to optimize the light fixture design. With this driver, one luminaire can give direct general lighting downwards, and enhance overall lighting conditions with indirect lighting upwards. Decrease glare and eliminate shadows with indirect lighting, enhance your office lighting or create moods and highlights to your space. With the excellent light quality and dimming range for both channels, the only limit is creativity.

Smaller but smarter – MINI sized Freedom LED driver with integrated radio node and sensor input

Our MINI LED driver family is now also going wireless! This 27W version is the number one solution for spotlights, LED panels and any wireless application where small dimensions are a must. The radio node is integrated inside the driver without the need for an external Freedom Node radio. Connect the Freedom Sense luminaire sensor straight to the driver sensor input with a simple click, and you have a very cost-effective, wireless smart lighting solution that will fit into any space.

As these SELV60 rated MINI drivers are often used in independent installations and tight spaces, we wanted to make the electricians happy: the output current can be set from 150mA to 700mA with dip-switches, and new super easy screwless strain-reliefs are being introduced. This driver is small in size but great with specs: smooth amplitude dimming down to 1%, DC emergency mode and an extensive set of other features come as a default.

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SmartData – future-proof driver insights

As the latest trend in project specifications, the LED drivers are required to report i.e. energy consumption, diagnostics and other relevant information. We are proud to launch the Helvar SmartData feature, which is first available in both of these two new drivers.  With SmartData LED drivers you can extract and analyze data for further insights and diagnostics; for example Active Energy Consumption, Cumulative control gear operating time and Control gear start counter just to name a few. For more information about the available SmartData features, connect your Helvar representative today!

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