• Empowering Design with Hybrid Lighting Control

    We’re introducing a powerful new offering that combines the best of wireless and wired lighting control.

  • Helvar Senses

    Discover our all-new environmental sensing solution, Helvar Senses, enabling buildings to continuously improve and adapt throughout their lifetime.

  • Helvar ActiveAhead

    Upgrade your system and save time and money with our award-winning intelligent wireless lighting controls.

  • Helvar Insights

    Unlock the full potential of your lighting and maximise wellbeing and sustainability through our suite of digital services.

  • Introducing Helvar Components

    Following a strategic demerger, Helvar Components will now operate as an independent company from Helvar. Explore Helvar Components’ new digital home!

We are Helvar.

We believe spaces should constantly adapt to keep you at your happiest, brightest, and most comfortable…


We are human-centric lighting experts – the lighting in spaces where we work, learn, and relax needs to be fine-tuned to our needs.
Explore Wellbeing


The rise of smart buildings is here, meaning data insights and intelligent systems are more important than ever before.


Now, more than ever before, it’s crucial to reduce our energy usage with smart and future-proof solutions. That’s where we step in.

We are

We believe spaces should constantly adapt to keep you at your happiest, brightest, and most comfortable…

Our Values.




Let’s build a better tomorrow.

We create innovative energy-saving lighting solutions and data-driven intelligence to provide optimal conditions for people using a space. The buildings we build and use today should be designed for generations to come.


Smart buildings utilise automation, analytics and advanced solutions to improve efficiencies and ease-of-use.


We offer world-class award-winning lighting control solutions using DALI, DALI-2 and wireless technologies.


Our state-of-the-art ultra-efficient luminaire components have been market-leading for over sixty years.

Let’s build a better tomorrow.

We create innovative energy-saving lighting solutions and data-driven intelligence to provide optimal conditions for people using a space. The buildings we build and use today should be designed for generations to come.


DALI and DALI-2, Wireless and Hybrid Lighting Control Solutions


Energy efficient, long lasting, high quality professional lighting components

Creating intelligent spaces.

We believe that every space should create amazing benefits for people, yet have minimal environmental impact.

Helvar in Offices

Adaptable workplace lighting solutions that boost
wellbeing, support focus and increase productivity.

Helvar in Education

Efficient, flexible solutions designed
to enhance learning and support wellbeing.

Helvar in Healthcare

Hospital lighting solutions that aid patient recovery,
support user wellbeing and optimise building efficiency.

Helvar in Hospitality

World-class lighting solutions
for world-class hotels and restaurants.



250 Helvar


65+ global



100 years!

With you all the way.

Whether you’re a contractor or a lighting designer, a luminaire manufacturer or a building owner, we’re here to help.

Do you

Design or specify lighting?

The conceptual specification for smart buildings means spaces need to be people-centric, adaptable and future-proof. Digital connectivity is more important than ever. Integrated, connected solutions working in harmony help to create optimal holistic conditions for each and every person using a space.
The technical specification for smart buildings requires trusted solutions which meet building regulations and help to meet sustainability targets. The right solution should be truly scalable and connected, harnessing the best of wired and wireless technology. Each project should come with support throughout every stage, with administrative, technical and sales assistance when you need it to help you activate projects quicker, whilst exceeding customer expectations.
The creative specification means pushing the boundaries with the latest technology and features, creating unforgettable illuminated spaces whilst achieving visual comfort for user wellbeing in a sustainable way. Our focus continues to be turning everyday places into brighter spaces for future generations.
As a founding member of DALI, and leaders in DALI, DALI-2 and wireless lighting controls, you’re in safe hands with us. Our hybrid lighting solutions are adaptable, scalable and sustainable. With 100 years of experience, we’re the perfect partner for any project, at any stage.
Let’s Create Brighter Spaces.

Do you

Design luminaires?

Do you have a passion for creating unique LED luminaires? Then you’re in the right place.
State-of-the-art luminaires are fundamental to achieving energy-efficient and awe-inspiring spaces. The best modern luminaires are those that seamlessly enhance a space, being both aesthetically pleasing whilst also supporting us during our daily tasks.
At Helvar, our aim is to enhance user wellbeing whilst reducing energy usage through the use of our innovative, flexible and highly efficient luminaire components. Our wide range of the latest DALI & DALI-2, Wireless and On/Off solutions continue to lead the way in the intelligent lighting. Help your customers with faster, easier installation of your intelligent luminaires with enhanced energy savings – without compromising the overall cost efficiency.
Now is the time to revolutionise your offering and take your design to the next level.

Are you a

Property owner / developer?

The future of real estate development includes many challenges; the requirement for AI-driven analytics*, the optimisation of office space usage*, the growing need for adaptability* and most importantly, the threat of global warming and sustainability*.
At Helvar, we’re passionate about creating truly smart buildings. Our focus is ensuring that buildings are sustainable, both for todays occupants, but also for future generations – and that buildings support the wellbeing of everyone using the space. We understand that by creating a space that meets global building standards such as The WELL Standard, BREEAM and LEED, this can be leveraged to attract and retain health focused tenants.
So, whether it’s our best-in-class AI-based lighting controls, data insights through our cloud platform Helvar Insights, or the fact that our sustainable lighting solutions can save you up to 85% of energy costs, know that we’re here to help.
We can’t promise to solve global warming today, but with our future-proof lighting solutions and decades of expertise, we can take big steps in the right direction, together.

Are you looking to learn more about

Lighting controls?

Today, global focus on sustainability and our wellbeing has never been stronger. As we design and build spaces to work, learn and relax, we’re putting people first and considering how we can make today’s spaces fit for future generations.
Our 100 years of innovation make us experts when it comes to smart lighting controls and luminaire components that stand the test of time. We have thousands of incredible references around the world. Our lighting solutions are designed for every application – whether it’s an office meeting room, a university building, a hospital, an airport or a cruise ship. We’re able to integrate seamlessly with building systems, and our offering ranges from simple single switching all the way up to data-driven cloud-based solutions across multiple sites.
If you’re looking to learn more about our lighting solutions, or if you want to work with us on your next must-win project, we’d love to talk to you.

Do you oversee

Project implementation?

We’re determined to help streamline every project – whether you’re installing, commissioning or programming. We believe each and every project should be smooth and effortless, helping you save both time and money. Wouldn’t that extra time be better spent generating new opportunities and developing your teams skills?
Our team of local Helvar technicians and global expert Partners can provide dedicated support and training when you need it. With tried-and-tested solutions that stand the test of time, supported by decades of industry knowledge and expertise, our hybrid solution offering meets the demands of every application and every customer. As a company founded on mutual success – when you win, we win.
At Helvar, we’re with you all the way. For your next project, let’s win together.

Are you looking to

Upgrade your space?

A commercial lighting upgrade or retrofit can be stress-free and fast with clear impacts on user wellbeing, building efficiency and adaptability, saving you money and creating a more sustainable office space.
You can meet any specification through our range of innovative, scalable and adaptable wired and wireless lighting control systems and world-class components, helping you achieve globally recognised standards such as The WELL Building Standard.
At Helvar, we’re experts in renovations and retrofits, with references in over 70 countries. With dedicated support from our experts, we can offer local training and technical guidance to support you through any stage of your renovation project.

Do you oversee

Building maintenance?

If you look after property maintenance, you’re probably trying to control costs, streamline efficiencies, and ultimately do more with less – whilst looking future-proof systems from reliable vendors that will stand the test of time.
We’re in a time where sustainable and cost-effective solutions are vital to the evolution of smart buildings. With Helvar Insights, it’s possible to harness and rationalise your data. This means we can create tangible insights around occupancy and operations, allowing your to optimise how your space is used. In addition, save time with remote maintenance, stay informed with real-time alerts, and save energy with personalised optimisation reports.
Interested in seeing how this works?

Are you a

Systems integrator?

Integrating building systems is the key to designing smart buildings. By connecting technologies, we can optimise efficiencies and focus on enhancing the customer experience and usability.
By harnessing building data, we apply decades of expertise to create valuable and tangible optimisations with Helvar Insights. Our aim is to make complex systems easier to navigate so that everyone can benefit from intelligent spaces. Whether you’re working on a design and build project or a renovation, integration is the foundation for sustainable building design. Helvar Imagine, our flagship DALI + DALI-2 Lighting Management Solution, brings thousands of projects to life around the world, offering seamless building system integration.
At Helvar, our focus is creating human-centric lighting solutions perfect for your customer’s needs. After all, smart buildings shouldn’t need to be complicated.
Let’s get connected today.

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Don’t miss out!

Smart lighting solutions for every project.

From smart rooms to intelligent buildings, our solutions are designed to be open, scalable and future-proof. Whether you’re looking for lighting controls for a classroom, an office floor, an entire building, a community campus – or even a cruise liner – we have the solution for you.

Smart lighting solutions for every project.

From smart rooms to intelligent buildings, our solutions are designed to be open, scalable and future-proof. Whether you’re looking for lighting controls for a classroom, an office floor, an entire building, a community campus – or even a cruise liner – we have the solution for you.

Helvar Imagine enables efficiency, connectivity and scalability for your space whilst supporting wellbeing – building upon industry standards for easy installation and integration to provide a market-leading future-proof lighting management solution.

Helvar ActiveAhead is our wireless AI-based lighting control solution which provides ultimate efficiency in setup and operations. By continuously learning and generating insights, spaces can be optimised whilst supporting wellbeing.

Helvar Insights is a scalable cloud-based suite of digital services that takes advantage of data gathered from your existing commercial lighting control systems, devices and sensors. Improve the wellbeing of users and achieve building efficiency.

Our environmental sensing solution empowers your building to embark on its own journey of learning and growth. Through your lighting control system, you can seamlessly track, monitor, and act on a comprehensive suite of environmental data.

Our LED product offering is designed for energy efficient, long lasting, high quality professional lighting applications. As a luminaire components pioneer, we’ve been designing first-class open and flexible solutions for over 65 years.

Are you ready to take the next step?

  • “We had already carried out several other installations together in previous projects. It was not only brand awareness that made us choose Helvar, but also the competitive price, and great technical support.”

    Marcin Gromala – Elektromontaż Rzeszów Sp. z o.o. in Przemyśl
    Managing Director
  • “We will continue the cooperation with Helvar in the future because it’s always a pleasure to work with the front runners”

    Kari Kallioharju – Tampere University TAMK
    Senior Lecturer, Building Services Engineering
  • “Helvar is an easy system to work with and you receive good back up from engineers so we would use them for future projects”

    Alan Kavanagh – Steane Ltd
    Mechanical and Electrical Site Manager
  • “Assemblin has great experiences from working with Helvar. We chose Helvar for this installation as we are familiar with their products and our own personnel, who are trained by Helvar, can commission our projects”

    Janne Ekqvist – Assemblin
    Project Manager
  • “The Helvar team have been a great support to WILA on this challenging project. They have provided both professional and timely responses throughout the entire process”

    Jon Grzbiela – WILA Lighting
    Business Development – Lighting, Controls + IoT
  • “The service from Helvar has been top class! The lighting system is easy to install and has all the bells and whistles that make it a top system. Dealing with [Helvar] was also very easy, nothing was any trouble. We would have no hesitation in using Helvar again”

    David Agnew – R&A Group
    Director of R&A Group
  • “It is great to work together with a manufacturer who understands our market and is able to provide also long-term support for our service department.”

    Ralf Boeckhoff
    Wärtsilä FUNA
  • “We have been with Helvar for 5 months, we are amazed with the level of details from product trainings, business case discussion, to very individual problem solving video demonstration has greatly enhance our solutions and support credibility towards our clientele.”

    Stanley Ong – LumiAmbience
  • “We like to think of ourselves as one of the leaders in the region for Lighting and Lighting Control technology. Helvar’s continuous innovations and upgrades has helped us retain this reputation.”

    Creation Gulf Trading LLC
  • “We used to use another suppliers DALI systems, however there was limited investment in new products and solutions. We then started to work with Helvar, and could see that Helvar wanted to invest more and more into new, different solutions. Looking back, we’re very satisfied with the decision that we made.”

    Margus Norrko – Alter Baltics OÜ
  • “The lighting project at the Paderborn head office is a complete success. Energy savings of up to 75% and optimum illumination is a result that has exceeded our expectations.”

    ANDREAS HARTMANN – Hartmann International
  • “Helvar is the first company who have come out with an all-inclusive attitude, with an all-inclusive business proposal, saying let’s all be successful together, let’s all grow together, let’s all benefit together.”

    Managing Director, Creation Gulf Trading LLC
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