This year, our journey reaches its 100-year milestone.

We’re thrilled to have been able to mark this momentous occasion with our virtual ’Discovering Brighter Spaces’ event!

We would like to say a special thank you to everyone for attending and making this our biggest event yet! We hope that the content from this future-focused session inspired both intrigue and hope for the next 100 years.

If you missed the event, you can catch-up on each session from 4th March by clicking the button next to each speaker below.

 Here’s the event recap! 

The Helvar Journey

Adel Hattab (Helvar CEO) and Philip Aminoff (Deputy Chairman of Helvar, Member of Owner Family) discuss Helvar’s century of innovation and reinvention, and consider the future of Helvar and it’s mission to Turn Everyday Places into Brighter Spaces.

Buildings of the Future

Alan Jackson (Helvar Chief Evangelist) explores the future of smart buildings, and how building design will evolve in the years to come, to become a truly people-centric process.

Winning with Artificial Intelligence

Dr Ayesha Khanna (CEO ADDO AI) shares her insights around the future of smart cities, and how artificial intelligence will play a huge part in the development of shared spaces around the world, as well as looking into how businesses will need to adapt for the future.

The future of work and anti-fragility

Performance Scientist, James Hewitt, defines the meaning of anti-fragility, and explains how we can adapt to cope with change, and turn challenge into opportunity.

Helvar • 100 Years and Counting 

Our Speakers


Alan is a true expert when it comes to Intelligent Lighting and the evolution of smart buildings. Having worked at Helvar for 29 years, he has become Helvars Chief Evangelist and go-to spokesperson, amassing over 87 industry presentations in 2020 around the globe.


Dr. Ayesha Khanna is Co-Founder and CEO of ADDO AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) solutions firm and incubator. She has been a strategic advisor on artificial intelligence, smart cities and fintech to leading corporations
and governments.


James is a human performance scientist and an award-winning communicator, who has dedicated his career to enabling people to perform at their best using novel data, insights and tools, developed in his work with the world’s top-performing companies.

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