3021 Active+ Sense Wide Lens

3021 Active+ Sense Wide Lens

  • Produktfamilj: ActiveAhead 2018
  • Montering: Armatur, tak
  • PIR-rörelsesensor, Ljussensor

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Tune the light settings above desk using an easy-to-use mobile app. Favourite lights as well as light settings can be saved to access them faster through the app. Supported by ActiveAhead solution.
The ActiveAhead wireless networking capable control unit has a pre-programmed software to continuously learn and operate the luminaire accordingly. ActiveAhead control units form a low-energy Bluetooth mesh network through which they share information; e.g., on the detected changes in their vicinity. ActiveAhead Control Unit does not work with the ActiveAhead Generation 2 products. Datablad
  • Produktfamilj: ActiveAhead
  • Montering: Armatur
  • PIR-rörelsesensor, Ljussensor
  • Detektion

    • PIR-rörelsesensor
    • Ljussensor
    • Detektionsvinkel (°): 97
    • Nominell monteringshöjd (m): 2.5
    • Detektion diameter (m): 5.7


    • Strömförbrukning (mA): 0
    • Montering, mer information: Armatur, monterad
    • Max. last (A): 0
    • IP-klassningsalternativ: IP65