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Smart, smaller and colourful – New wireless Freedom LED drivers

  • toukokuu 20, 2021

Helvar Freedom wireless luminaire component product range is now becoming smart, smaller and colourful, as we introduce two completely new…

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LEDiL Daisy compatible neutral white LED module

  • maaliskuu 10, 2021

Helvar’s linear LDL Series is growing with a neutral white temperature LED module along with the existing Tunable White version. This…

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HEC, SEC & BI Series – Linear LED drivers for efficient, high-volume lighting

  • helmikuu 16, 2021

Helvar introduces non-dimmable LED drivers designed for high-volume industrial and indoor lighting projects, that meet both energy and cost efficiency requirements….

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Helvar has launched Imagine 950 Solution with 21 certified DALI-2 control products

  • helmikuu 8, 2021

Helvar has launched its DALI-2 Imagine 950 Solution with the certified DALI-2 multi-master application controller 950 Router. The flagship 950 Router…

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Helvar ActiveAhead® Node Sense and Adapter DA launched

  • tammikuu 13, 2021

We are proud to launch further developments of our self-learning, intelligent wireless lighting solution, Helvar ActiveAhead® Generation 2.   ActiveAhead Node Sense Key Benefits…

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New 60W compact LED drivers

  • joulukuu 9, 2020

Our compact LED driver range has two new exciting 60W additions for professional indoor LED light fittings. In these SELV60 rated…

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Sales Release: Introducing Freedom Sense luminaire-mounted sensor

  • marraskuu 25, 2020

Helvar’s Freedom Wireless luminaire component product range is happy to welcome a new, awaited member: The Freedom Sense occupancy and…

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Langaton Helvar ActiveAhead® Generation 2 – älyvalaistusratkaisu on julkistettu

  • kesäkuu 9, 2020

 Langaton Helvar ActiveAhead® Generation 2 -älyvalaistusratkaisu on julkistettu  ActiveAhead on täysin uudenlainen, todella älykäs ja skaalautuva langaton valaistusratkaisu. Sen itseoppiva algoritmi…

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Helvar ActiveAhead® Generation 2 Wireless Lighting Solution launched

  • kesäkuu 9, 2020

Helvar ActiveAhead® is a truly intelligent and scalable wireless lighting solution. Its unique self-learning capabilities give ultimate efficiency, both in setup…

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Sales Release: Compact 45W Tunable White driver

  • toukokuu 19, 2020

We at Helvar are passionate to spread the message of wellbeing through human-centric lighting solutions. Therefore we are very excited to…

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