Light over Time

Supporting wellbeing, performance and alertness

Light over Time is the most recent innovation in Helvar’s Human Centric Lighting range called Intelligent Colour or iC. The software feature brings to the iC range a graphical lighting profile creation tool for dynamic tuneable white solutions which can be customised to suite a range of applications.

The feature enables lighting designers, specifiers and end users to graphically visualise the lighting profile for their environment resulting in a more engaging design and end user experience.
Everyone’s circadian rhythm and perception of light is different. Activity, location, and age are just some of the factors which could determine which lighting profile is best suited for the environment. Our Light over Time solution is completely customisable to meet specific application and occupant needs.
The programming flexibility of Light over Time makes it suitable for a range of applications including commercial offices, healthcare facilities and educational institutions, where light can have a significant impact on occupants’ concentration, wellbeing and alertness.
Different profiles can be set so that users can select the most appropriate lighting conditions for the time of year or season.