Weikang Kong is an embedded software developer at Helvar, working on LED driver firmware development. He received his bachelor’s degree in communication engineering from Jilin University and master’s degree in electrical engineering and information technology from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Zurich.

Starting the career and continuing the growth in a Nordic country

I have been working at Helvar for slightly over one year. My action to move to Finland to start my very first job might be considered bold by some people. But with the thoughtful support from Helvar in residence permit application, accomodation searching, and getting familiar with the neighbourhood, the move is not as intimidating as it seems.

In the past one year, my work was focused on LED driver firmware development. Working in the industry is quite different from doing thesis in the academy, as the need to address reliability, cost control, and special customer requirement keeps bringing different challenges in software design and implementation. These challenges, can bring you probably headache for a few days, but also joy and sense of achievement after they are surmounted.

Working culture in Helvar

Of course, no one is an island, and nothing can be efficiently done without support from colleagues. Starting from day one, all teams from Helvar have been giving me kind support, and sometimes they would even go out of their way to help me. Everyone truly believes that we are working as a big team!

The collaborative way of working is just one of the many positive cultures in Helvar. Another culture that I truly appreciate is Helvar’s continuous effort to achieve more. One example is the growing contribution to a more sustainable future: more detailed waste sorting and more installation of automatically-controlled and energy-efficient lights.

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