Freedom Cables Interconnection cables

Freedom Cables Interconnection cables

Interconnection cable between Freedom LED driver and the Freedom Node.

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Available as 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm, 90 cm and 150 cm variants
White cable with MOLEX-MOLEX-connectors suited for the Freedom products

15 / 30 / 45 / 90 / 150 cm long cable

Required when building Freedom solution with Freedom LED driver and Freedom Node


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ActiveAhead, Casambi, Mount Kelvin, Mymesh by Chess, Pulse Systems

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5652, Freedom Node Casambi, Freedom Node Mount Kelvin, Freedom Node Mymesh by Chess, Freedom Node Pulse Systems, LC50-FD-900-1400, LC25-FD-350-700, LC35-FD-700-1050, LL10-42-FD-120-350, LL50SE-FD-100-1400, LL50iC-FD-100-1200, LL23-80-FD-150-350, LL80-FD-350-700, LL110-FD-350-700

Tilauskoodi Kuvaus Sähkönumero
5809500 Freedom Cable 60cm 20/1000
5809400 Freedom Cable 150cm 20/1000
5809300 Freedom Cable 90cm 20/1000
5809200 Freedom Cable 45cm 20/1000
5809100 Freedom Cable 30cm 20/1000
5809000 Freedom Cable 15cm 20/1000