Constellation Building, Schiphol

The Netherlands

Intelligent office overlooking the Schiphol skyline

Located between Amsterdam Schiphol Aiport and the Amsterdamse Bos is Schiphol’s Constellation Building office complex. The impressive architecture, bright office spaces and handy facilities in the area make it such a special building. A hub for creativity and innovation, this intelligent office space was commissioned by WinLed. With a strong relationship between WinLed and Helvar Netherlands (Lighting Controls BV), the team successfully implemented the Helvar ActiveAhead wireless lighting management system across various spaces in the building.

Together with WinLed, the team have supplied ActiveAhead Node Multisensors, which have a DALI output to which DALI fixtures can be connected. Thanks to the Node Multisensors, the fixtures can be easily configured via the ActiveAhead mobile app. The great thing about this system is that wireless switches can also be added. The sensors are connected to each other via Bluetooth Mesh and can therefore form a single network together, enabling the system’s self-learning algorithms to continuously adapt to space usage and intelligently automate the lighting controls based on user movement.
ActiveAhead Node Advanced presents an ideal lighting solution for renovation projects such as Constellation due to its wireless connectivity, scalability, and adaptive technology. Existing cabling has been maintained and new, and custom-made fixtures have been installed. With ActiveAhead Node Advanced, wireless communication eliminates the need for extensive rewiring, while its scalability allows for easy adjustments to changing space requirements. The system’s adaptive lighting technology ensures optimal lighting conditions without manual adjustments, contributing to energy efficiency.

Key facts

Project completed: 2023
Project location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Partner: Lighting Controls BV
The Netherlands