Van Marcke

Kortrijk, Belgium

Helvar’s Light Management System at Van Marcke’s Cutting-Edge Headquarters

At Van Marcke, your destination for all things plumbing and heating, excellence has been a tradition since 1929. Over the years, Van Marcke has evolved into a market leader with approximately 1,600 dedicated employees spread across Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Malta, and the United States.

In early 2019, Van Marcke proudly inaugurated its new headquarters and distribution centre, a colossal structure spanning 90,000 square metres in Kortrijk. This state-of-the-art facility stands as a beacon of sustainability, boasting complete CO2 neutrality and water independence. Alongside its cutting-edge heat and water installations, a sophisticated light management system plays a vital role in enhancing the building’s environmental credentials.
In pursuit of the ideal lighting solution, Van Marcke meticulously evaluated various light management systems through rigorous test setups. After careful consideration of test results and pricing, the Helvar system which was implemented by Lighting Controls Belgium, emerged as the clear choice. The decision was underpinned by factors such as user-friendliness, flexibility, diverse detection options, and compatibility with a range of light manufacturers.
The comprehensive Helvar light management system takes charge of all lighting within both the distribution centre and the office building. Within the distribution centre, high-bay sensors enable fully automated lighting control. Similarly, the office building features numerous sensors for efficient lighting management. Special attention is given to the SAPPceiling® climate ceilings, where the specially designed 315/SAPP seamlessly integrates into the ceiling grid, offering easy installation. 
Furthermore, the system extends its reach to control blinds, whether through manual operation or automated adjustments based on data from a weather station. Empowering in-house expertise, Van Marcke’s technical service team underwent a training programme, enabling them to configure the system independently, ensuring ongoing operational efficiency.

Key facts

Project completed: 2019
Project location: Kortrijk, Belgium
Kortrijk, Belgium