DALI dimbart LED-drivdon

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Allure of the Seas – Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

  • december 1, 2010

Seamless, scalable and efficient lighting controls at the Allure of the Seas The construction of Allure of the Seas began at…

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The Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown

  • juni 19, 2010

On October 5th 2010 the Champalimaud Foundation inaugurated a state-of-the-art research facility, an important step in its objective of developing biomedical…

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Generali Blend Building — poetic concept of light

  • januari 1, 2010

Milan, Piazza IV Novembre, near the Stazione Centrale: there stands the so-called Generali Blend Building, named after its current owner, Generali…

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Dubai Mall — a design flagship like no other

  • maj 15, 2009

Opened in November 2008, the Dubai Mall will set precedents across the board of scale, luxury, design and retail offering. ”Because…

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Meridian building — unique energy efficiency in New Zealand

  • september 14, 2008

The Meridian office building in Wellington, New Zealand is built by the sea using new technology which saves energy in a…

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Cologne Cathedral resplendent in new light

  • juni 19, 2008

Lighting follows daylight throughout the course of the day and year and adjusts subtly to changes. It’s not only one of…

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