Sköndalsvillan Sweden


Tranquility meets sustainability at a comfortable retirement home in Stockholm

Sköndalsvillan is an exceptional retirement home that provides a peaceful, green living environment for its 80 residents and 12 short-term stay options. As Sweden’s first ZeroCo2 certified facility, it boasts an array of eco-friendly features, including recycled tiles, climate-improved concrete, solar cells, and a cross-laminated timber framework. The facility has also received the prestigious Miljöbyggnad Guld certification by the Sweden Green Building Council.
Project overview
The bright, wooden interiors and lovely roof terrace at Sköndalsvillan create a serene ambiance for residents to relax and enjoy their retirement. We’re proud to have played a part in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the residents. Our Imagine 910 routers facilitate time scheduling and fire alarm function in all luminaries, while our 321 sensors enable daylight harvesting for energy saving and health benefits.
In addition, we’ve installed our 342 acoustic sensors in all staircases. These cutting-edge sensors combine audio and infrasound detectors in a single component, providing near-field presence- and movement detection to ensure a secure and well-lit environment for residents.
“The project’s high technical requirements led us to choose a complete system for lighting control where all the desired functions could be achieved. That’s why we chose Helvar. Helvar’s ability to answer our technical questions and provide support regarding their products was great!” explains Jonas Karlsson, Specifier at PrimaPlan.
“We’re honoured to have contributed to Sköndalsvillan’s success in promoting sustainable living and providing a comfortable home for its residents” says Jan Bietkowski, Head of Sales, Helvar AB.
Photography: Johan Eldrot

Key Facts

Completed: 2022
Size: 7500 square meters
Electrical consultant: PrimaPlan
Property owner: Hemsö
Main Contractor: Oljibe
Architect: Liljewall