Clever Charging Station, Frederiksberg


Speeding Towards Sustainability – Lighting the Path to Electric Excellence

On August 5, 2021, Denmark welcomed a groundbreaking addition to its sustainable infrastructure – the first urban Clever ultra-fast charging station in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Developed in collaboration with the architectural company Cobe, this station not only revolutionizes electric car charging with speeds up to 300 kW but also stands as a testament to Denmark’s commitment to a greener future.
In harmony with the environmental ambitions of the Danish government, the Clever charging station embodies energy efficiency from the ground up. The lighting solution, a crucial aspect of the station’s functionality and aesthetics, is powered by Helvar’s DALI lighting control system. Vanpee, in collaboration with CBRE Teknisk servicepartner A/S, has delivered and programmed a lighting system that complements the station’s green mission.
The heart of the lighting system is the Helvar Imagine 910 controller, orchestrating the illumination with precision. To ensure energy conservation, a Helvar 321 multisensor detects movement, activating the lights only when necessary. During nighttime, the basic lighting is set to a dim 20% of maximum brightness. Upon a car’s arrival at a charging station, the brightness adjusts to approximately 90%, providing optimal visibility. Once the charging session concludes and no cars are present, the lights gracefully dim back to 20%, contributing to energy savings.
The Clever Charging Station doesn’t just prioritize efficiency; it also understands the importance of ambiance. The lighting system not only serves functional purposes but contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the station, creating a welcoming environment for users. As Denmark propels towards a greener transport landscape, the Clever Charging Station becomes a pivotal player in encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles. The combination of ultra-fast charging capabilities and energy-efficient lighting makes the transition to electric cars more attractive for individuals, aligning seamlessly with the government’s climate-friendly transportation objectives.

Key facts

Project completed: 2021
Project location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Partner: Vanpee A/S