PanelReady connector cable connected to LED panel and installed in fake ceiling


PanelReady –
Optimised solution for LED panels

We are excited to introduce a new service to our customers: the option to deliver our compact, LOOP and MINI LED drivers with pre-installed connector cables for quick assembly of various LED light panels.
Save time, money and resources in LED panel installation, and streamline your manufacturing process with fast-to-install LED drivers from a global, trusted partner. Read more information or contact us today!
For more information of our PanelReady service for LED panels, please contact your local Helvar sales representative today:

The PanelReady cable options

  • DC jack 5,5mm, male and female connectors available
  • 150 mm cabling length from connector base to the other end
  • White colour
  • Custom lengths and specs also possible, ask for more!

Dimensions of a female connector cable:PanelReady connector cable dimensions

Either one or two cables can be fitted into the driver terminals (input / output side), with a suitable strain relief installed before shipping. See the example datasheet of a complete PanelReady package:

How to get your own PanelReady drivers:

    1. Choose a compatible Helvar LED driver: compact, MINI or LOOP – Pro tip: try LEDesign!
    2. Choose the desired strain relief if applicable *
    3. Define the cable connection details according to your LED panel (LED+ and LED- polarity)
    4. Define the desired output current if needed
    5. Contact your local Helvar sales representative!

*) LC-SRA / LC-SRB / LC-SRC strain reliefs by default in compact drivers unless otherwise specified

LEDesign LED calculator to find right LED driver for LED modules

Optional pre-programmed output current  – straight from our factory

We can also set the requested output current to the drivers before assembling and shipping the PanelReady LED drivers. This offers a truly tailor-made, completely ready package solution without any configuration needed. Output current setting is available for our LED drivers with NFC or dip-switch features. For LED drivers with just external resistor configuration available, this option is possible with certain limitations. Please consult your local Helvar sales representative for more information.

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